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Cotati Heart & Soul - June 2015


Cotati Heart & Soul - June 2015

by Deborah Taylor-French

To see the Summer Sky, 
Is Poetry, though never in a 
Book it lie—
True Poems flee—
by Emily Dickinson

Summer skies bring wonder and reflection. As children out of school, my sister, Denise, and I would lay on a blanket, looking as clouds sailed over the roof. Later on, I shared similar sky gazing with our daughter. We would imagine cloud formations as fields of sheep or horses or white whales, even tall sailing ships. So began our mutual storytelling adventures. A lovely sense of all things becoming possible accompanies the beginning of this outdoor season.

Save $$ by recycling water? Attend free gray water workshops     

A few years ago, we took a Gray Water workshop from Daily Acts. At that time, we did not see how we could make it work in our home. Now we plan to attend a June workshop, hoping to come away with a plan or two. Both of these workshops take place at 35 Stony Point Road, Santa Rosa at the Utilities Field Operations Building. Gray Water Workshops held on Friday June 5th from 5:00PM - 8:00PM and Saturday July 18th from 8:30am - 12:30pm. Please share this information with others.

FYI: Santa Rosa and Cotati water account holders may be eligible to receive free household plumbing supplies. Santa Rosa water account holders may be eligible for a $75 rebate. To sign up or determine eligibility contact: Water-Use Efficiency · 707-543-3985 or email them at 

I propose a radical idea. All builders and remodeling professionals must acquire training in gray water systems and to offer it as an option for private homeowners. Even more radical, all city government officials and staff dealing with the department of building and planning must have education and ongoing training in this field. Don’t make it an option! Make it a requirement for all new rental, office, residential, and commercial buildings.

Ceres Nutrition comes to Songbird Community,  Friday June 19. Don’t miss! 

Restore Health with Nutrition hosted by Thais Harris of Ceres Community Project, Friday June 19, 7:30PM - 9:30PM. Suggested donation is $1 to $30. 

This workshop expands a lifelong learning passion of ours, healthy eating for healthy living. We are looking forward to reviewing the basics of whole-food nutrition through Ceres’ nutrient-rich approach to eating. For those who do not know the Ceres Project, which is now expanding into Marin County, you are in for a treat. Ceres’ has developed an ever-expanding mission of teaching teens about nutrition and food preparation, while producing healthy and tasty meals for those living with life threatening illness. We have personal experience of receiving delicious Ceres’ meals for a loved one. Also we have a friend who loves mentoring at the Sebastopol Ceres’ kitchen – a big shout out to Melissa Yates for teaching teens to cook.

Please consider sending a loved one or attending this talk on strategies for eating well on a budget. Discuss lifestyle factors that can help restore health. A healthy food demo will be included. and

Celebrating the 35th year Cotati Jazz Festival , Fathers’ Day, June 21 FREE    

Once again, jazz fills the heart of Cotati. If you love to dance join us from noon to five PM. In La Plaza Park, food, beer and wine vendors sell a variety of tasty treats. The Cotati Jazz Festival is sponsored by the Cotati Chamber of Commerce (707) 795-5508.

Farms plus summer Farmers’ Markets   

Suchernova Farm offers a CSA farm-to-home program and Farm Dinners, for details please call 707-992-0056. Come June 4th and bring a straw basket plus veggie bags to the Cotati Farmers’ Market in La Plaza Park. You’ll find live music plus locally grown produce for purchase, Thursdays from 4:30 to 7:30 PM through August 27th.

Please send events and volunteer needs 

I appreciate community input on topics and events. Lucky for us, Cotati hosts dozens of family friendly events. Several of my favorites happen in summer, such as the Kids’ Day Parade in July and the Accordion Festival in August. Please email, always best if received by the fifth of the previous month.