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Bodega Bay Beat - July 2015


Bodega Bay Beat - July 2015

by Joan Poulos

Welcome to THE best place to spend summer. School is out; elections are held, and Farmers’ Market starts. This is in addition to a continuing salmon season and even a little rain.

You need only face that interminable traffic on I-80 to appreciate the cool fog of home. This was the month of graduations, and grandparents grit their teeth and make the trek to Davis. Those of us who have lived there before coming to our senses and moving to Bodega Bay, blissfully forgot what it is like to have daytime temperatures of 110. Sure, that heat makes great tomatoes, and it DOES cool off a bit at night, but the soaring temperatures make it a good place to visit, and then come home to our cool weather, even if it is foggy (sometimes we even get fog horns to welcome us). It will be a pleasant 4th of July (the fireworks are July 3); and the firefighters will put on their usual successful pancake breakfast. Mimosas anyone?

Speaking of foghorns, when they stopped, we tried to find out who was responsible. The Coast Guard was gracious but it appeared that THEY didn’t know who maintained them. Since access to the actual site is restricted (they had some kind of “incident” in Petaluma), we had to resort to multiple telephone calls. Finally it seems that San Francisco is in charge of Navigational Aids, so we implored the local Guardsmen to put in a good word. The foghorns eventually came back, but coverage is so peripatetic we are constantly surprised. Apparently some tourists complain about the noise. The manager at the Duck Club said he tried to explain that this was part of the ambience the guests had come to enjoy.  At any rate, the residents love them.

The Chamber of Commerce had a lovely reception at the Duck Club. They elected new officers and learned about the Bodega Bay Lodge and Spa. Most of us didn’t know that locals can sign up for the massage and use the spa and the pool. There is even a local discount.

Kudos to those willing to become officers. Patty Ginochio is the new President; Michelle Kolb, Vice President; Treasurer Shona Weir and Secretary Fiona Love. The five directors are Amanda Vineyard, Alicia Ginochio, Bill Govan and Michael Trapani—our local vet. Sissy Blanchard made it clear that she is now Ex-Officio. Wonder how many calls she will still get. My husband, David Lewis is the former President of the Grange (now ex-officio) but still gets the calls if there is any problem. Jim Moore is doing a great job, though. We are all proud of our Grange now being ADA compliant. Still working on the generator we got a grant for (through Noah’s Wish) to provide a way to feed our pets in an emergency power outage (maybe our dogs will share.)

Make it a point to go by the Bodega Bay School and look at the wonderful ceramic art the students put together (with plentiful help of their art teacher and Josh Risley (the gifted teacher who taught them to make a tepee when they were studying Native American history). The ceramic mural is a picture of a dolphin (school mascot) and there is an inter-active panel to alert observers to what they are seeing. Great job. Formal dedication won’t be until after school starts, August 24, but come see it before the crowds form.

Our community-wide gabfest (otherwise known as the election) passed uneventfully. As anticipated, the ballot measure didn’t pass. Most of Bodega Bay votes by mail, but 63 residents had a good time meeting their neighbors and reminding each other how lucky we are to live here. Even the dogs know each other and peacefully participate in the process.

Earlier this summer a young whale beached at Portuguese Beach. Apparently he bore the wounds which seem to implicate an Orca. We who watch the whales coming north (moms keep young near the coast so orcas can’t get the calves) lament the loss of a calf, but realize the orcas depend on the food source just as other marine life which eats salmon and other fish.

Less excusable was the death of the seal at Doran Beach. Apparently the seal was killed by a dog which the owner let run off leash. No excuse. Living by a State Park as I do, it is a constant problem to remind visitors that dogs are not permitted. Most of us who live here have given up, and now just try to remind dog owners to at least keep their dogs on leash. It IS a county-wide ordinance. 

If you care about planning on the Coast, be sure to attend the meeting July 22 from 6-8 p.m. at the Fire House.

Farmers’ Market is open. We have a new floor for the visiting bands (thanks to the Bundys). The community garden is inspirational (thanks to Paul and Linda).Get ready for all the calls from your inland friends asking to come visit. We love seeing them, and we once again realize why we don’t live in the Sacramento Valley in the summer. If it weren’t for those wonderful grandkids who live there, we would all just stay home until September. Enjoy your summer.