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Sebastopol Entrepreneurs Project Needs Volunteers


Sebastopol Entrepreneurs Project Needs Volunteers

By Gay McFarren and Ludwig Furtner

The Sebastopol Entrepreneurs Project 2015 Fund Raising campaign is off to a grand start. We want to thank Balletto Winery for their generous 5-year pledge.  One of our local, “go-to” merchants, Sebastopol Hardware, joined the ranks of SEP supporters this year with a cash contribution.  We are looking forward to pledges from several more West County businesses who share SEP’s vision that job creation and job retention are our best drivers for positive economic impact.  The California State Economic Development Board estimates that for each job created or retained results in an $49.5k economic benefit to our community.

Small business is a powerful growth engine for Sonoma County with 80% of our workforce employed at companies with 5 or fewer employees.  SEP Business Advisors help these start-ups and small companies grow and thrive in Sonoma County.

Have you ever thought of being part of an all-volunteer organization like the Sebastopol Entrepreneurs Project?  are growing and have seen a significant increase in Business Advising requests from prospective new and existing businesses.  Our community business education events, classes and workshops are attracting more participants every month.  SEP’s cowork space is hosting more small businesses and independent workers who need a business address, a dedicated or a flexible personal workspace, a conference room for meet-ups and group work sessions or meetings, and access to business equipment.

All of SEP’s services are fueled by volunteers. We need you to help us grow at a pace to keep up with the demand for our services.  Please contact Gay McFarren or Ludwig Furtner to learn more about opportunities for you to contribute time, expertise or simply financial support to the Sebastopol Entrepreneurs Project.

SEP also has openings on our Board of Directors for the 2015-16 term.  We need a couple of experienced leaders who are looking for an opportunity to help lead our organization to achieve even greater economic impact and job growth.

Visit our website at