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Sebastopol General Plan update - Land Use meeting July 8


Sebastopol General Plan update
Land Use meeting July 8

The City of Sebastopol General Plan update is well underway.  The General Plan is intended to set broad policy on a number of issues for the next 15-20 years. 

The General Plan Advisory Committee (GPAC) will discuss land use issues at their July 8, 2015 meeting (6pm at the Sebastopol Center for the Arts, 282 South High Street).
Issues that may be discussed include:
  • Should the Sphere of Influence set 20 years ago be changed?
  • Should the Urban Growth Boundary approved in 1996 be renewed?
  • Should any changes be made to the Growth Management program? 
  • Are there changes in land use designations, such as the Barlow area, that should be considered?  
  • Are there other changes to land use policy or zoning that should occur?
Formula Business Ordinance
Meanwhile, on July 7 at 6pm at the Youth Annex, 425 Morris Street, the City Council will review a draft Formula Business Ordinance following a series of discussions by the Planning Commission.  
Key aspects include:
  • Definition of what constitutes a formula business, including number of outlets
  • Whether the downtown should have special restrictions
  • What rules should apply outside of the downtown
  • Whether certain sizes of businesses should be exempt
  • How changes of ownership should be handled
The Council staff report will be on the City web site by July 2.