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Campfire Songs for Children and Families - A Fundraiser for NAMI


Campfire Songs for Children and Families

A Fundraiser for NAMI

(National Alliance on Mental Illness )

By Jonah Raskin

Summer is the best season to sit around an open campfire and sing old songs. You can practice these songs and home for summer camping trips – or bring the out for the family BBG fire pit with marshmallows and S’mores.

“Campfire Songs for Children and Families.” Produced by Denny Bozman-Moss and engineered, recorded and mixed by blues woman Sarah Baker, it’s a fundraiser for the local chapter of the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI.)

For a donation — $1 or $100 — mailed to P.O. Box 15269, Santa Rosa, CA. 95402 you’ll receive a copy of the CD with twenty songs, many of which will be familiar, especially if you’ve ever sat around a campfire with friends and family. There’s no required minimum donation. Everyone who gives, no matter how much or how little, gets a CD that includes a print out of the lyrics so provide snail mail address along with check or money order.

Bozman-Moss strums the guitar gently; he and Baker harmonize sweetly onInch by Inch, Michael Row the Boat Ashore, Guantanamera and other traditional ballads, spirituals and folk songs that add up to nearly 50 minutes of lyrical music.

Their first CD — “Sarah & Denny Sing Songs for Children & Families” — raised nearly $7,000 for NAMI. “We did the second CD because we wanted to keep giving back to an organization that helps so many people who have loved ones with mental health issues,” Bozman-Moss said.

For Baker, who was born and raised in rural Tennessee, recording the CD took her back to her own girlhood when she attended church summer camp. “My favorite time occurred every evening at sunset when we all gathered around a campfire and sang,” she said. “When people get out in nature and sing, sing, sing it’s definitely good for one’s mental health no matter what time of the year.”