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Art is Medicine Show - Celebrating 7 years of free, bilingual, bicycle-powered theatre


 Art is Medicine Show

Celebrating 7 years of free, bilingual, bicycle-powered theater

The Art is Medicine Show/El Show el Arte es Medicina: The Garden bursts into life! Mr. and Mrs. Lizard have lost their wedding ring! A seashell sings! There is a poetic ode to the bicycle. Featuring the poetry of Federico García Lorca, The Art is Medicine Show is a fluid, visual, poetic extravaganza. A gaggle of suitcases open to reveal theaters in miniature; an ocean, outer space, and a vaudeville stage where tiny skeletons sing and dance. These are just some of the many worlds we carry by bicycle. This iconic show travels to the Redwood Food Bank Summer Lunch sites this July. Show runs approx. 30 minutes. Check back soon for a full schedule.

The Butterfly’s Evil Spell/ El Maleficio de la Mariposa: This play by Federico García Lorca is a poetic comedy of insects and includes a cast of characters who are usually in danger of being stepped on; poet-beetle, a mysterious wounded butterfly, a curandera beetle, fireflies, and a bad -tempered scorpion beetle. The author himself makes an appearance to explain why the end of the play is missing. MISSING? Yes, missing. After having heard the story of the missing ending the only thing to do is make up our own ending, which we are hoping you will help us to do. This traveling play is full of surprises, puppets, masks and music. It celebrates the creative spirit, the power of poetry, and insects too!

Show runs approximately 40 minutes. This show will travel to seven city parks this June and July. 

Join us for our 7th annual tour!

The Art is Medicine Show

July 2nd - Alicia Park @ 12:30
July 7th - Bayer Farm & Neighborhood Garden @ 12:30
July 9th - South West Community Park @ 12:30
July 21st - MLK Park @ 12:30

Butterfly’s Evil Spell

June 28th - Juilliard Park @ 4pm
July 5th - Howarth @ 4pm
July 10th - Bayer Farm & Neighborhood Garden @ 7pm
July 12th - South West Community Park @ 4pm
July 19th - Humboldt Park @ 4pm
July 24th - MLK Park @ 7 pm
July 25th - Finley Park @ 4pm