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North Coast Winds - June 2015


North Coast Winds - June 2015

by Robin Joy Wellman

I am sharing my heartfelt feelings about this land, this place we call North Sonoma Coast. I love this land, this place, and the people deeply. When you bring it all together it creates the essence of a life. There are always so many things to say about this life out on the coast with so many places that inspire us to just listen, encourage us to just be, and so much rich history in each and every place. Sometimes it feels overwhelming that we get to live here. 

That is what I am sharing with so many blessings that life is full of gratitude. I encourage you to come and listen to the heartbeat of this coast. Take your shoes off and walk the creek, or put them in the sand and the waves. Pick the blackberries and eat them right where you stand but don’t stop there, paint the landscape in my mind, or really come on out and bring your paints. Come out for the day, or several days and when you do plan on taking time to really watch the waves, enjoy the wild flowers, or the colors in the tide pools. Ask questions of the elders and long time locals – they know this place, and take in the community vibe. People, place, and beauty! It’s all here. 

I want to honor Lorin Smith, a Kashaya Elder, who has always been welcoming and kind, just the kind of person you want to know and spend time with. He shares stories with anyone that will listen, stories about the land, about growing up here, about the foods you can gather. Lorin represents this land and everything it was and everything it is. I just came from listening to a composed piece celebrating the Sea Ranch. The composer chose to begin the piece with Lorin singing and drumming. We all cried. It was a powerful reminder that the First People are still here, as well as this land as it was and as it will always be. 

If you want to ‘DO’ something, Fort Ross State Historic Park has a seaweed workshop June 6th and on June 14th, a pine needle basket making workshop. Both events are sponsored by the Fort Ross Conservancy. Visit for more information. 

Gualala Arts always has events on the calendar with fine art exhibits, excellent concerts, contests, and theater. Please visit their web for more offerings at Visit the Lighthouse in Point Arena and the Stornetta Lands with wonderful coastal walks and access. For a pretty complete listing of places to stay and eat visit the Redwood Coast Chamber of Commerce. There is always something for everyone. Stay close to home here in Sonoma/Mendo County. Come and enjoy it with us. Peace, gratitude, and warmth.