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Geyserville Grapevine - June 2015


Geyserville Grapevine - June 2015

This month, there’s some new activity in the heart of downtown Geyserville, where the old post office building has received a new coat of paint and there’s an air of expectation about the place. No, people are not expecting to get their mail there again, though the central location the post office once occupied is missed by many. A banner across the door announces this will soon, after a tedious and long re-zoning process for property,  be the home of  “Geyserville Green”. This is an offshoot of Sei Querce Vineyards. Sei Querce is a relative newcomer to the area but has already been certified a Certified California Sustainable Winegrower, and has added certifications as being “Bee Friendly” and “Fish Friendly”. The new business will combine an all-organic and sustainable wine tasting room with other local organic products and fresh produce from the vineyards farm, Six Oaks. Look for opening dates to be announced soon. 

One Geyserville business will soon be immortalized on film – our local antique “mall” (hate that word!) Gin Gilly’s will be a featured location in an independent film being shot here. “For What It’s Worth”, written by Santa Rosa Junior College professor Marc Bojanowski,  features a young man working at an antique mall who finds trouble beyond his years when the combination of a mature woman and a valuable collectible come his way.  Will this be our area’s “Sideways”? That remains to be seen. If you want to contribute to the micro-budget film from husband and wife team James and Leslie Simmons, you can do so at the Indiegogo funding site at

Foodie Moment of the Month 

Over at Diavola Pizzeria at 21021 Geyserville Avenue, patrons choosing to dine there on Wednesday May 27th automatically support the Sonoma County Humane Society, with ten percent of the day’s proceeds going to fund the organization. In addition to the shelter, the Sonoma Humane Society also operates the only non-profit veterinary hospital in the county, with proceeds going to benefit the shelter animals. So it’s a great excuse – if anyone needed one – to enjoy the pizzas and house-made meats at Diavola. And your dog doesn’t have to feel left out if he or she wants to help out other canines – their back patio is dog-friendly.

One of Geyserville’s biggest annual events is coming up on Tuesday, June 9th. The Geyserville Chamber of Commerce presents its famed June BBQ and Wine Tasting. In other parts of the country, those two things might not go together so readily, but hey, this is Sonoma County. We had the pleasure of hosting this event at Isis Oasis last year, but for 2015, it is being held at the Geyserville Fire Department just next door. The annual fundraiser is $45 for the general public. Wine tasting starts at 5:30pm, and there will also be local microbrews available. A Table Auction will follow, with dinner being served at 7pm. And you can “take your table” literally. The Geyserville Educational Foundation program “Bring Art to the Table” does just that – handcrafted artisanal tables will be offered during the auction, and proceeds will benefit the Geyserville Schools art programs. The barbecue is usually a sell-out, so make your reservations soon at the Geyserville Chamber of Commerce website at

Each month here at Isis Oasis Sanctuary brings some new discovery. This month we’ve dubbed “thistle month” since we suddenly have a thousand thistles springing up. They are pretty in their way, and their lavender flowers go with our general color scheme which includes lots of purple, but we also know that this year’s bumper prickly thistle crop just promises more for the future. Our rainbow trio of alpacas are particularly annoyed with the sharp-edged plants. So thistle eradication is at the top of our list now! As for our Emu Update, our “little” emu has been growing at a rapid rate and now stands about hip-high. We do have the last of the emu eggs in the incubator, but those are late-season eggs and may not be fertile. I’ll let you know if we succeed in providing Astara with a little emu brother or sister. 

Till next time! Please feel free to share with me any Geyserville news or events.