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SB277 Mandatory Vaccinations Bill faces opposition and concerns of integrity in State Assembly


SB277 Mandatory Vaccinations Bill faces opposition and concerns of integrity in State Assembly



Controversial Bill SB277 Referred to Single Assembly Committee Bypasses Education and Judicial Scrutiny

The Assembly Rules Committee cleared the way for SB277 to pass through a single Health Committee before heading to the Assembly floor vote and ultimately to Governor Brown’s desk. 

“This is not about whether you support or oppose mandatory vaccinations,” said Assemblywoman Ling-Ling Chang, R-Diamond Bar, during the Assembly Rules Committee hearing, “it’s about the integrity of the Assembly and ensuring bills are considered appropriately.” 

SB 277 cleared three Senate policy committees: Health, Judiciary and Education. It passed the Senate floor 25-10 despite contentious hearings.  “This bill affects the education of children with Personal Belief Exemptions (PBEs), more than it will affect their health” commented Christina Hildebrand, of a Voice for Choice.  “It is critical that this bill is re-referred to the Assembly Education Committee as in its current form, it leaves so many questions unanswered, as to how it can work in conjunction with California’s current Education Code.”   

Opponents cite 1954 Brown v. Board of Education, which ruled that “Separate education facilities are inherently unequal.” SB277 will effectively discriminate by denying education to a subset of children. If the SB277 passes, the law will force all unvaccinated and partially vaccinated students out of school, thereby segregating students with specific religious or personal medical beliefs. Special education students holding Personal Belief Exemptions will be denied a Free and Appropriate Public Education guaranteed by federal law. It denies mainstream inclusion to English Learners & Special Ed students.There are no provisions for legal entitlements of IEPs under IDEA for legal entitlements of English Learners. SB277 provides no additional state funding and requires individual school districts to absorb loss of ADA and cost of providing services to students at home. The constitutionality of this law has been questioned and unlikely to be addressed in the Health Committee.

According to the CA Department of Public Health, only 2.54% of children entering kindergarten this year had a Personal Belief Exemption, down 19% from the previous year, which demonstrates that AB2109 (parents must be informed of the benefits and risks of vaccinations), implemented in 2014, is working.  “A Public Health crisis does not exist and therefore force mandating a state sponsored vaccination schedule, is an extreme measure, that goes against the Nuremberg code of ethics,” said Christina Hildebrand.  

SB277 will eliminate Parental Rights to make medical decisions for their children. Families will be forced to remove their children from public or private school if they do not secure a medical exemption or comply with the state mandated vaccine schedule that includes multivalent or combination doses recently introduced to market and under post-marketing surveillance. Many families with PBE’schoose to selectively vaccinate with a single dose of one vaccine at a time rather than refuse to vaccinate. This option will no longer be legal under SB277.  

Federal law requires Vaccine Information Statements (VIS) be provided to patients explaining the potential benefits and risks of each vaccination. According to the VIS “avaccine, like any medicine, is capable of causing serious problems, such as severe allergic reactions. The risk of a vaccine causing serious harm, or death, is extremely small.” (CDC). The World Health Organization (WHO), in partnership with The Gates Foundation, has created The Brighton Collaboration which has standardized case definitions of vaccine injuries for Global use. These include the following: Abscess, Anaphylaxis, Cellulitis at injection site, Chronic Fatigue, Convulsion, Persistent Crying, Convulsion, Diarrhea, Eczema Vaccinatum, Encephalitis, Myelitis, ADEM, Fatigue, Fever, Generalized Vaccinia, Guillain BarreSyndrome, Fisher Syndrome, Hypotonic Hyper responsive Episode, InadvertInoculation, Induration at injection site, Intussusception, Local Reaction, Meningitis, Narcolepsy, Nodule at injection site, Pain, Progressive Vaccinia, Rash, Robust take,Seizure, Swelling, Thrombocytopenia, Unexplained sudden infant death, and Viscerotropic Disease.

Christina Hildebrand firmly states, “If there is a risk, there must be a choice.”


A Voice for Choice, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)(4) organization that advocates for people’s rights to make their own health care decisions.

Contact: Christina Hildebrand
AVoice For Choice, Inc. 


While I completely support everyone's right to their opinion, please be aware that many parents in Sonoma county, like myself, support SB277.

Medical decisions belong in the hands of parents and their trusted health care providers, not the state of California. There are many risks to vaccination, just as there are with any medication or medical procedure. Parents need to determine which risks their children will assume. Parents pay taxes to fund public schools, and pay tuition to fund private schools. It is unconstitutional to bar those who use religious or personal belief exemptions from schools, as well as to force private institutions to enforce a law that conflicts with their own doctrines. 

~Robyn Chittister
Santa Rosa

Thank you Gazette for posting this article. Very few people seem to even know this is happening. I see SB277 as an egregious attack on parental rights. The fact that there have been so many anomalies in the way it is passing through the legislature (skipping appropriations, last minute change of reps in senate education committee after it wasn't going to pass the first time, and not going through assembly education committee) does not inspire trust that our state government is listening to its constituents. Why not give AB2109 a chance to work before forcing the issue? It's been in effect for less than a year (given school calendar) and it's working without resorting to a forced vaccination campaign that penalizes children and takes rights away from parents. If the ultimate goal is increasing the vaccination rate, this is not the way to do it.

- Pam Kuhn

PS: SB2109 was passed about a year ago (Senator Pan was bill's sponsor). It requires parents to be counseled by a doctor (with form signed by doctor to be provided to school) before taking a personal belief exemption on vaccines. Originally, religious exemption wouldn't exist (they'd still need to get counseled by a doctor in same way), but Governor Brown added in a religious exemption before he signed.

My kids are vaccinated. However, I'm opposed to SB277!

The bill is blatantly unconstitutional. I'm deeply concerned about this & am not interested in taking, or making my kids take every vaccine that comes down the pipe.

Vaccine injury is very real, yet pharmaceutical companies can't be held liable in the traditional sense.

Personally, I'd rather take my chances with certain actual illnesses than with a vaccine; chicken Pox, for instance. And, after countless hours of research, I don't want to give my kids Gardasil either.  SB277 doesn't allow for selective vaccinating.

Cora Moore


Please be aware that if you support SB 277, then you are supporting the marginalization and discrimination of many kids and families across the state who have suffered a vaccine injury, as many of the kids currently on personal belief exemptions have them because of an adverse reaction to a vaccine.
My son is an example of this - he started having seizures within 24 hours of receiving the Dtap, Hib, and Prevnar vaccines, and then stopped breathing entirely 2.5 days later.  We are lucky that he is alive.
I was able to get a partial medical exemption for my son from the three vaccines he received that day, but only because he still continues to have seizures that are not completely controlled by medication.  This partial exemption does nothing for us anyway, because I am not going to risk further possible injury to my child, especially for vaccines like the chicken pox (where the disease is much less of a risk to my child than the vaccine).
Your opinion is yours, this is a (somewhat) free country still, but please be honest with yourself about how your support of this bill will derail the education of many students and create financial instability in many families due to having to give up an income to home school. 
And originally, homeschooling was not even an option; Senator Pan never really spelled out what the consequences would be for all of us who were never planning to risk further injury to our children by complying with vaccine mandates.  I have no doubt that if this bill becomes law, he and/or one of his many cronies will go back and try to take the only way to opt out completely away.
So if you are okay with hurting some kids and families in the name of the "greater good", to protect other kids from a perceived (not actual) threat that started at a tourist destination (not a school), then I guess you truly do support Senate Bill 277.  If you are the type of person that is NOT okay with that, please rethink your support of this bill.  
Thank you.


Dent by Barbara Hickman - THANK OU
@ACLU @hrw #InformedConsent#NoSB277
Informed Consent for any medical procedure for individual's & their families is an inalienable non-strippable human right framed within the US Constitution & International law‎. However much proponents of SB277 might like having themselves force egregious violations of human rights on others is no sane or sound basis to do so.

People who vaccinate AND people who don't are against SB277.  If this passes, we will be required to be injected with any and all vaccines that the gov't thinks is necessary, which means tragedies like Gardasil will be multiplied 100 fold.  No one's body should be at the mercy of the state without consent.


This is America, the land of the FREE, and we can and should keep the freedoms to say what is injected into our bodies.

Tiffani Beckman-McNeil

Everyone should question this bill SB277 because it's funded by large pharmaceutical companies in the interest of large pharmaceutical companies.  I vaccinate my children and I'm against this bill along with many parents.  

One of my children had a severe reaction to the flu shot which landed her in the ER.  Why on earth would I want to inject her again?  We also opted out of Heb B at birth, do newborns get sexually transmitted diseases?  Also, I had chicken pox as a child and now have natural immunity.  

What happened to natural immunity?  Do we really need to pump tiny bodies full of vaccines on such a rigorous schedule?  

SB277 will not let you space out vaccines or opt out of one vaccine even if your pediatrician recommends it.

SB277 also strips religious exemptions, so Christians beware! Vaccines are made from aborted human fetal cells and animal cells besides the dreaded mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde and other products.

Joann Crothers

More dis-information from the anti-vaccine cult. 

The larger risk, by an exponential factor, are the diseases that vaccines prevent.

The risk from vaccines is tiny, and mostly a figment of the anti-vax cult’s very active imagination. 

The false equivalence of racial discrimination is a sign of their desperation. This bill does NOT require a person to vaccinate their kids. It requires kids who attend a community school to be vaccinated. 

So, go ahead, leave your kids at risk for deadly diseases. Just do not expect me to tolerate the exposure of my kids to the same.

Jeff D Gimzek, Petaluma, CA

Thank you for publishing this. I strongly oppose SB277. It is a totalitarian nightmare and a major slippery slope. 

Further, California has a 97.5% vaccination rate. There is NO CRISIS
AB2109 is working and has reduced the use of PBE’s by 20%
The State will not reimburse School districts for cost to implement and administer SB277
Schools will lose ADA funds as more families exit the public school system or leave the State 
Children will be denied an education. 
Separate is not equal.
Selectivity vaccinated children are still part of the larger community. 
Parents shouldn't have to choose between their child’s health or their education.
Many parents cannot afford to homeschool.
Single parents will be forced to vaccinate under duress or leave the state.
IEP and ESL kids won’t have their services met because it’s too expensive to send out specialists to everyone.
Teachers will lose jobs!
LAWSUITS against school districts will be inevitable!
Danielle Netherton

Many of us support this bill and wish an opportunity to choose an educational environment free of infectious diseases.


This is against all that is ethical and moral.  NO MAN has the right to force any other to take anything that that person does not agree to or agree to for his family.  When government has reached this far it has to be stopped and we must all take a very hard look at who it is that is governing us and fire those that are not acting respectful and following our Constitution and Bill of Rights. 

Jerry Brown is not a righteous man to try to force this on his fellow man.  He knows better and I think he is being deceitful as there have been too many young people and children damaged by these vaccines and there is NO PROOF at all in our history that shows that vaccines are healthy or needed at all.  They are the opposite.  They are NOT healthy, they cause disease , brain dysfunction autism and much more. 

They are full of mercury and other horrid contaminants.  Do your own research and you will find this to be true.  Vaccines are doing nothing but killing our people and making Big Pharma, AMA and FDA  lots of money.  

Stand up and fight back as none of these vaccines are proven at all to be what they tell you they are.  Do your own homework.  Do not trust those that have Money to make off of you.


Kathy Mazel