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Sonoma County Grower's Alliance Cultivating Community, June 14


 Sonoma County Grower's Alliance

Cultivating Community, June 14

A new non-profit group has formed to help represent the thousands of small cannabis cultivators here in Sonoma County. Our first fundraiser is scheduled for June 14th at the Sebastopol Grange.  This is an important opportunity to bring together the whole community of cultivators, medical marijuana advocates, local government representatives and interested citizens at this critical juncture.  

There are massive changes underway in the marijuana industry - big players, big politics. Even very conservative states have embraced CBD strains for their patients.  The undeniable benefits of medical marijuana are becoming more visible - for cancer patients,  children with epilepsy, kids with Chron's disease and many more conditions.  Clearly the momentum to end prohibition is gaining speed.

Small growers are a large part of Sonoma County's economy, but remain hidden from view due to the flawed legal structure.   California politicians are now proposing sweeping changes to state laws and new local regulations for medical marijuana.  Competing ballot initiatives for recreational marijuana may appear on ballot in Nov 2016.  There is hope that any new laws will help these small growers by treating them like any other regulated business.  However, some of the proposals would make it illegal to grow any medical marijuana in residential zoned areas.

To protect their interests, small family cultivators need to become more active participants in their community.  By organizing and educating themselves, cultivators become involved in the solution.  Towards that goal, SCGAlliance has formed to assist local cultivators navigate these immediate and on-going issues - politics, land use,  legal, banking, taxes, water, insurance and more.  SCGAlliance members will benefit from topical workshops, learning from face-to-face interactions with regulatory officials & non-profit representatives. Traditional small business networking will assist ongoing business needs through expertise from other business professionals.

Sonoma County politicians generally  have a more open door policy with members of this community, but they need to help lead towards bigger changes.  For example, cultivators need help to gain easy access to simple business banking - eliminating the prohibition-type home invasion violence associated with gangs and thieves.  Our local politicians should now demand the Federal government fix the flaws in banking and taxation, and not expect Washington DC to resolve these issues without their leadership.

As an educational non-profit, SCGAlliance intends to connect cultivators with local & state politicians, regulatory agencies, and other NGO groups interested in this industry.  Cultivators do not want to see the monopolization of marijuana by large corporations as found in some states already, nor onerous regulations that only punish people trying to follow the law.  Most would rather see reasonable regulations that encourage normal & safe business practices like paying taxes, having liability insurance, pulling building permits, following building codes, and in general being treated the same as any other legitimate business.  SCGAlliance hopes to provide cultivators with education, collaboration and advocacy found in traditional trade groups.

Our first fundraiser 'Cultivating Community' is June 14th at the Sebastopol Grange - There are two 'events' - the daytime portion has several panels: medical marijuana, political & legal changes, environmental impact, best practices.  Our 15 panel experts range from Dr. Jeff Hergenrather, president of Cannabis Clinicians, to Hezekiah Allen, head of statewide trade group Emerald Grower's Association. Joe Rogoway, a local attorney, has an impressive track record for cannabis advocacy. These speakers & more will help educate the community at large how cultivation can become cleaner, greener and more in line with community values.  Green Grocer organic food truck will be onsite, with outdoor picnic, silent auction & raffle.  

Our evening event features great entertainment with live music from Narayan from Zion, Katrina Blackstone, DGIIN & DJ Malarkey.  Green Grocer will stay late to keep everyone fed.  Wine & Beer will be served inside as well as delicious treats.

This event is for anyone interested in the future of cannabis in Sonoma County - patients, advocates, and in general all 420 friendly folks.  SCGAlliance really hopes to help bring our grower's community closer together, and into long-term alliance with our larger society.  It is time for equal treatment!


Our website with tickets, more event info, speakers bio and more is