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Anthology on Domestic Violence Receives National Recognition


Anthology on Domestic Violence
Receives National Recognition

Cry of the Nightbird: Writers Against Domestic Violence, an anthology project sponsored by the Sonoma County YWCA in California, was recognized this month in two national book competitions, placing as a finalist in both the National Indie Excellence Awards and the Next Generation Indie Book Awards in the women’s issues category. 

In Cry of the Nightbird: Writers Against Domestic Violence, thirty-eight writers speak out in more than fifty prose and poetry pieces of a hidden tragedy: violence in homes, living in fear, and forced silence. Authors from every walk of life and every aspect of this difficult issue raise their voices as one to end this silence, to bring freedom and release for themselves and others. These words will inform and inspire readers: give them eyes to see, a way to express, and motivation to act.

The anthology, first published in October 2014, is based upon the five-year project Changing Hurt to Hope: Writers Speak Out Against Domestic Violence. It is edited by Michelle Wing (founder of the Changing Hurt to Hope program), Ann Hutchinson, and Kate Farrell, and was released by WolfSinger Publications. It has recently been updated by the addition of a downloadable Activities Guide.

The California Journal of Women Writers said of the book, “Heartbreaking and sobering but ultimately life-affirming, I urge you to experience Cry of the Nightbird for yourself. It is necessary reading for anyone wishing to educate themselves on the complex realities of domestic violence. As you move through the anthology, you will gain an illumined understanding of the bravery it takes for the nightbird to fly away from the darkness, broken wings and all.”

In addition to poems, short fiction, and memoir, Cry of the Nightbird contains a resource guide for services in Sonoma County, the state and the nation, a basic introduction to the dynamics of domestic violence, a reading list, and a history of Changing Hurt to Hope.

On the book’s website, at, there is a free downloadable Activities Guide designed for use by professionals such as therapists and support group facilitators. The Activities Guide includes eight different exercises, from writing activities to discussion guides to art projects, each addressing one of the works in Cry of the Nightbird. They can be used as listed, and also as jumping off points for any of the other pieces of writing in the anthology.

The website also features the latest news and reviews, upcoming events, plus photos and biographies of all of the anthology’s contributors.

Cry of the Nightbird sells for $15. To purchase, order online at or at All proceeds benefit YWCA Sonoma County, the leading provider of services for women and children dealing with domestic violence in Sonoma County. Nightbird is also available in ebook format on

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