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Women Walking Partners Inspire Health & Optimism


Women Walking Partners Inspire Health & Optimism

Women Walking logoBy Joy Regan

Women are kindred spirits. We may vary by age, race, religion, ethnicity, orientation, economic status, but as women we are sisters. You’ve had harder times than me. I’ve had harder times than you. But in the end we are women. We all experience fear, insecurities, isolation, love, struggles, achievements, creativity and passionate hearts. Within each of us exists rich, complex and timeless stories waiting to be spoken. 

Walking in the company of women is familiar and comfortable. We don’t have to agree or be like minded. Walking outdoors side by side in conversation sows the seeds for meaningful interactions and insights. Put on shoes, throw open the door, step out to meet your friend waiting to walk with you.

If I were to choose the one thing I like best about walking it would be that I always feel good and glad I went out for a walk. Walking is relaxing and stress relieving. Moving into the rhythm of the walk as I stretch my legs and swing my arms, I lose myself and find myself in the small wonders that live outside and which present themselves so effortlessly. Turmoil blows away on the wind. Tensions dissipate. Mind clears. Pace slows to the beat of the earth. 

We are all connected...A woman in a wheelchair shared a walking adventure. “I met up with a walking partner and we walked around downtown. We window-shopped, shared a lunch together and chatted with other pedestrians. What a wonderful way to get outside for fresh air and friendship, doing something that I wouldn’t do otherwise!” “Walking” can be anything we wish it to be.

Women instinctively sense our connection with all life. Feet on the ground, level with the earth, limitations fall away and the experience becomes scent-sationaly profound. Conversation deepens the feeling of acceptance, of being valued and appreciated. Walking activates passion, passion sparks creativity, creativity ignites confidence and confidence inspires all things possible. 

During a member group walk in San Francisco, participants got to know one another while exploring a city that varies around every corner. Our group reflected our surroundings – one of a kind, unique, each with something special to offer – as we thrilled at investigating new avenues, nooks and crannies. Mid step, one woman poised with her head to the sky and heart towards the group declares, “This is real community building!” Yes it is!

Look around. Walking is a natural gathering place for women. Exercise, connection with local community, motivation, safety, companionship. Walking together feels simply great. When we feel good, we bring our happiness home. Happiness ripples out and makes the world a brighter, balanced and more comfortable place to be for everyone.

Studies reveal the benefits of walking. One Harvard Medical School Health Publication study says it all. “Walking is one of the simplest, least expensive, and most effective things you can do for your health. It strengthens bones, tunes up the cardiovascular system, and, psychologically, can clear a cluttered mind. …strong interpersonal relationships and support networks reduce the risk of many problems, ranging from the common cold and depression to heart attacks and strokes..”

Women walking together frame the roundtable where extraordinary moments take place; moments that inspire intelligent and emotional optimism. Walking outdoors offers the freedom to self-express and experience ease. Step, breathe, release.

A woman confident and the family prospers; the family prospers and the village is fortified; the village fortified, the woman secure and the circle is complete.

WomenWalking is committed to ensuring the possibility of women from all walks of life – age, race, ethnicity, religion, orientation, economic status – to “step” into the depth of experience unearthed by walking outside together; effecting positive internal, environmental and social change within communities to protect and uphold our planetary collective future.