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Call for Nominations 2015 Marshal Kubota Distinguished Service Awards

Call for Nominations

2015 Marshal Kubota Distinguished Service Awards

Do you know of an individual or group that has made an important difference in local HIV/AIDS issues or services? This is your opportunity to nominate them for the 2015 Marshal Kubota Distinguished Service Awards, and thank them in a way that lets everyone know about their great work!

The Sonoma County Commission on AIDS created these service awards to acknowledge the important contributions of local individuals and groups that increase public awareness about HIV/AIDS, promote HIV prevention, and provide quality services. Every other year, awards are given to individuals, and groups or agencies. We are requesting nominations for this year’s awards.

The awardees receive an official proclamation from the County Board of Supervisors that acknowledges their accomplishments. The awards will be presented at a public meeting of the Board of Supervisors in late October or early November 2015. Give that hero(ine) the recognition they deserve!  

Nomination Criteria

The individual’s or group’s activities must benefit people in Sonoma County.

Local groups and individuals, rather than national figures, are preferred for recognition.

Current members of the Sonoma County Commission on AIDS are not eligible for individual awards. However, groups of which they are members are eligible for group awards.

Group awardees may not win twice in a row.

Download the nomination form at:

Please complete the nomination form and return it to Theresa Lombardi by July 31, 2015 .