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Sonoma County Artist Branka Harris | Form + Function = Fusion


Sonoma County Artist Branka Harris 

Form + Function = Fusion

Perhaps it can be said of all artists that a piece of their personality comes out in each piece of their art. But, with Branka Harris, the boundary between artist and art is as transparent and colorful as the glass she works with.

Take for instance, her fused glass bowl pictured above. Harris is nurturing and caring and takes joy in being a warm hostess to the visitors who come each year to her studio for the Art at the Source event. While most artists will have some sort of snack set out for visitors, Harris has a reputation for the loveliest, most bountiful displays. She sets out bowls of fruits and homemade sweets and encourages guests to sit and nibble and relax.

Yet, if you take a closer look at that glass bowl, you’ll notice it’s not all about sweetness and smoothness. There’s a jagged edge and rugged base. After all, Harris’ nurturing personality isn’t solely the product of a bucolic life in rural Sebastopol. Instead, it’s infused with the vim and passion of an artistic soul, born in Europe, causing waves in San Francisco, living in Sonoma County. That nurturing compassion—as well as her art—is partly the result of a lifetime of adventures and inquiries molded into something that’s true and real yet with an eye toward the beautiful.

Harris’ searching nature, and the desire to express herself, has led her to work with textiles and fashion, painting and sculpture, and just about any art form that clicked with something inside. Lately, she has been focusing on glass. “I love working with glass,” she says in a smooth, calming voice punctuated with a sharp, provocative accent. “It’s translucent and beautiful yet exciting. It’s just mesmerizing.”

Branka Harris’ studio at 4815 Thomas Rd., Sebastopol, will be open as part of the Art at the Source event, June 6 -7 and 13-14.