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Sonoma County Advocates for Dependent and Delinquent Youth


Sonoma County Advocates for Dependent and Delinquent Youth 

By Sarah Reid

“One person of integrity can make a difference.” — Elie Weisel

The Sonoma County Juvenile Justice Commission is composed of seven to fifteen community volunteers, appointed to four-year terms by the Presiding Judge of the Sonoma County Superior Court. Our mission is to advocate for and protect the safety and well-being of dependent and delinquent youth in Sonoma County.

The California State Welfare and Institutions Code requires that each county have a juvenile justice commission. 

What we do:

We support and encourage agencies, organizations and individuals in the community who are providing services that help prevent juvenile delinquency and that recognize positive contributions youth are making to Sonoma County.  We also Inspect Juvenile Hall and all other public facilities housing minors (including jails that house juveniles.) Inspect group homes housing youth in Sonoma County to ensure that residents are treated with dignity and respect, are safe and treated in a humane and just manner and that their educational, social and recreational needs are met. 

Telephone Grievance Line

The Commission posts in every public facility housing youth a document that states If you have a complaint involving the health and safety of a minor in this facility call (707) 865-8164. Leave a message stating your name, phone number, and name of the facility. A commissioner will investigate the grievance within a reasonable time.  This hotline is managed by the Sonoma County Juvenile Justice Commission.

Become a Commissioner!

Vacancies occur from time to time on the Juvenile Justice Commission. We welcome volunteers willing and able to make a four-year commitment to serve on the Commission.   The Commission meets monthly.  

To learn more about the Sonoma County Juvenile Justice Commission, or to download and complete an application to interview for a volunteer position on the commission, please visit our website at


Respectfully submitted, Sarah Reid, Administrative Assistant, Sonoma County Juvenile Justice Commission

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