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Sonoma County Road Crews repairs and maintenance


Sonoma County Road Crews repairs and maintenance

With Measure A on the ballot - it seems like a good time to keep people aware of what IS being fixed...n to know there may be delays in your travels

Asti Summer Crossing on Washington School Rd.Today marks the seasonal closure of the Annapolis Road yard. The crew that staffs the yard for winter maintenance and storm response will now report the Healdsburg road yard as part of our staff consolidation for summer projects. Part of that crew will begin work this week on the installation of the seasonal Asti Summer Crossing on Washington School Rd. Today the crew will begin by placing tree stumps along and under the bridge piers and sorting rock. It is expected to take about three weeks to complete work and open the crossing. 

Two separate road crews will be crack sealing and grinding and replacing damaged pavement on both Hall Rd and Piezzi Rd this week. Expect one lane traffic controls with minor delays Monday through Thursday from 7 am to 4 pm daily.

The Culvert crew will be replacing drainage culverts along Chalk Hill Rd this week. Additionally, CDF will be working on Tuesday and Wednesday on Chalk Hill Rd as well clearing roadside brush and vegetation. One lane traffic controls can be expected at both project locations. A second CDF crew will be working on Eastman Ln in the Petaluma area on Tuesday and Wednesday.

The Bridge crew will continue work this week replacing the first of two bridge viaducts on Pacific Ave in Jenner. Some closures are expected during this project.

Our Traffic Paint crew will be working in the Annapolis are this week, applying centerline and fog line to Seaview Rd, Meyers Grade Rd and Annapolis Rd. Watch for moving, one lane traffic controls when the crew is applying the paint. 

Preparation for construction work on State Hwy 12 between Agua Caliente Rd and Boys Blvd will continue this week with AT& T and PG&E service relocations. The County contractor, OC Jones will be doing clearing work that for the most part will be outside of the travel way. Traffic controls will remain in effect around the work as necessary.

As a traffic advisory for those using Petrified Forest Rd traveling to and from Napa County this week: Napa County Roads Crew will be doing maintenance work on Petrified Forest Road from the Napa/Sonoma County Line to the Calistoga city limits the week of May 18. Work hours are from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday. One way piloted traffic controls will be in effect. Expect 5-10 minute delays in your commute.

Rob Silva, Road Maintenance Division Manager
Sonoma County Transportation and Public Works Department


Sonoma County Road Maintenance, 565-5100

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