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Agritourism on Laguna Farm - Sebastopol - Sonoma County


Agritourism on Laguna Farm

Laguna Farm RadishesGrowing into 2015, Laguna Farm is celebrating 30 years of Community Shared Agriculture (CSA) farming. Blooming into this milestone is an occasion to celebrate agriculture and inspire the community to continue to support local farms. 

In 1985, founder Scott Mathieson, pioneered the West Coast CSA movement and seeded the first of his growing fields nestled along the Laguna de’ Santa Rosa watershed. Long time employees and now, proud new owners Jennifer Branham and Ignacio Romero have maintained and
expanded on Mathieson’s commitment to regenerative farming, since their purchase in 2011.

About Laguna Farm

The CSA and farm operate year round, accepting memberships through out the year. The foundation of the farm is their direct sales from farm to eater, where members sign up for a weekly subscription box of sustainably grown seasonal produce. Serving the broader community, Laguna Farm is a meeting place, educational/social hub and business incubator. The farm has become an agrarian center point.

Free Farm Tours
Laguna Farm holds free farm tours the 1st Thursday of the month,  May-October at 2:00pm.

Laguna Farm’s goal is to bring the public to the land and experience first-hand how and where their food is grown. Farm tours bring people into growing fields and alongside nature. Every farm tour is unique, as they are 

Laguna Farm

tailored to each group and questions are answered along the way.

Peek into the hoop houses and see how hot season produce is grown in a cool coastal climate.

Some topics discussed include: Organic farming, pest control, gophers,
heritage oak trees, native plants, heirloom vegetables, seed saving, irrigation, water conservation, companion planting, Community Shared Agriculture (CSA), harvesting techniques and weed control.

In addition, the Laguna offers a wonderland full of lush vegetation, songbirds, wetland reeds, pools, streams, frogs, crawdads, fish, egrets, heron, turtles and many more inhabitants of our watershed.

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