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Art at the Source 2015 - Sebastopol Center for the Arts


Art at the Source 2015

Sebastopol Center for the Arts

Saturday and Sunday June 6-7 & June 13-14, 2015

Nina Canal paintingRegionally significant, the Sebastopol Center for the Arts is one of the most vibrant arts organizations in Sonoma County, and the largest center of its kind north of San Francisco. We attract art tourists in a variety of ways - through cutting edge documentary film at the Sebastopol Documentary Film Festival in March. SCA provides opportunities to tour artist studios throughout western Sonoma County with Art At The Source Open Studio (Saturday and Sunday June 6-7. SCA has additional opportunities to celebrate the harvest and tour artist studios across the entire County in October with the Sonoma County Art Trails.

The SCA continues to work for its talented membership through the management of these programs. These programs bring culture and money to our County, and luckily for all those involved, brings the fundamental challenge of connecting artist and art buyers. Art Tourism, it’s not just good art, it’s good business. To join the SCA click on To join in the
talented pool of the events above click through the logos of each on this website. Deadline to join Sonoma County Art Trails 2015 is May 1 2015.

Art Tourism SCA style

By Tom Montan
A fundamental challenge for most artists, is how to make art and, in turn, make that art profitable. A fundamental challenge for art collectors is how to find fresh new work and find it at fair prices. These simple and age old problems are partly why there are so many art associations and collectives throughout the world­—pooling resources, connections and talent for the betterment of the whole. The Sebastopol Center for the Arts (SCA), provides many networks of support for the multitudes of “creatives” and consumers of the “creative” in our community.

2014 brought in yet another network to our ever-growing pool of talent and resources. Last year’s inaugural year of the Sonoma County Art Trails program featured over 160 talented artists from the furthest reaches of Sonoma County. This combined with the very well established Art At The Source. What has become clear is that SCA has clearly moved to bring art and art tourism to the forefront of the multi billion dollar tourist industry in our County.

It might seem passé to many when you see pictures of luscious fields of grape vines, smiling faces and goblets of red wine in the many tourist brochures for Sonoma County. But squarely at the table today is the County’s evolution from a uniquely wine destination, to a distinct art destination as well. So much so, that the County’s Board of Supervisors has started the wheels in motion by developing an agency whose unique purpose is to help organizations like our promote art tourism.

For the full catolog of artists and how to find them - visit our website: