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Choosing the Perfect Dogwood Tree for Sonoma County, CA


Choosing the Perfect Dogwood Tree

By Erik S. Hagiwara-Nagata 

Dogwoods are one of the most satisfying ornamentals to plant in a landscape. Many have four season interest with the spring blossoms being the horticultural world’s most dazzling floral events.

There are deciduous and evergreen types as well as weeping and variegated varieties that come in small to medium sizes. The blossom color varies from whites to pinks and yellows, and the deciduous species have spectacular autumn color. Many plants have very showy fruit, which is edible. The horizontal branching habit of some species is very fine and shows off the blooms well. The architecture of the tree makes it a visual stand out in any landscape.

Caring for Your Dogwood
Easy to care for, dogwoods require good, well drained soil. Some of the variegated leaf varieties would appreciate a bit of shading from hot sun, and additional watering is appreciated by the plant. Pruning is unnecessary, only a bit of guidance trimming may be all that is needed.

Choosing the Right Dogwood for Sonoma County
Angustata is like an evergreen C. Kousa. Horizontal branching. Showy blooms with pointed bracts.
Empress of China is quiet remarkable, the flowers are heavily profuse and display for a prolonged period.
Capitata is another of the evergreen types. With yellow flowers, it makes a different and showy specimen in the garden, light reddish fruits.
Mountain Moon is an exceptional form. Very large and profuse blooming create a breath taking display for months. It has large dark glossy green leaves.
Kousa comes in numerous varieties. All are good. It is just a question of how good that suits your particular likes. Horizontal branching, profuse blooms on top of those branches(so many, you can barely see the leaves under them), showy reddish fruit, glorious fall colors, then delicate branchlets in tabulated tiers in winter create one of the best garden displays year round.

White Blooms
Big Apple
Blue Shadow
Milky Way

Pink Blooms
Beni Fuji
Radiant Rose
Satomi/Miss Satomi

Elizabeth Lustgarten
Weavers weeping

Variegated Leaves
Gold Star
Lemon Ripple
Summer Gold
Wolf Eyes

Ruth Ellen
Stellar Pink
Venus (Venus is a star among dogwoods. Flamboyant flowering is over the top with very large sized blooms and it often repeats in summer/fall.)

Erik S Hagiwara-Nagata is the owner of Garden Delights Nursery
2115 Adobe Road, Petaluma Nursery:707.773.1133