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Mother - the most powerful person in your life - by Robert Sterler


Mother - the most powerful person in your life

By Robert Sterler

What is the most powerful day of your life? Most people have an answer – or two - of a very special day for themselves. Right? Some people say it is the day my child was born; or when they got married.  Some people say today is the most important day. However, I think there is one special day for each and every one of us. Sounds very presumptuous of me – does it not? However consider - the most important day is the day we were born. Without a doubt, if there were no birth, no subsequent days would exist. Without first being born – all the other important days – would not even exist. So, does it sound reasonable to say – the most important day of your life is the day you were born?

Another presumptuous question is what is the most valuable thing you have ever received in your life? Some people talk about children or money or mates or God awareness. All valid answers, but are they the most valuable gift? I would say no. The most valuable gift we have ever received is love. Why, because love allows us to grow beyond ourselves and develop predilections to reach for the stars. Love permits us to dream a dream – and – to discover our hearts desire. And where does love come from and when do we get it? We receive love before we are born from our mothers. Mothers love their babies because they are one being – when the baby is in the womb. Love is a divine gift, I think, that is the central part of consciousness. Love grows with babies – and develops our entire life and never stops evolving. All of our desires and values are framed from our ability to love. Our likes and dislikes are a reflection and extension of our ability to love. The raison d'etre of existence is love.

The origin of our love is another thing that most people have forgotten. We have forgotten where love starts and we take it for granted. However, love begins in each one of us - and - comes first - from a mother to a child. Some people say love comes from God. I would not disagree or argue – but – we cannot prove God’s existence. So, let’s be practical – what do we really know for sure? Mothers touch a baby first. Mothers love their babies. We know for sure mothers exist. The idea of God is not as certain as is a mother. Love is the basis on which all relationships depend. When I say all relationships I mean: family, community, towns, cities, states, nations, planet and beyond. Love is the glue of human civilization and the source from which all our values emanate. You get and you learn love from your mother - first. Mother love paves the way for every other predilection in our lives. Yes, a father shows and gives us love, but a mother gives and teaches love first. That first touch in the womb is powerful. We are loved first and most powerfully by our mothers. Mother love is the spring from which all love flows. Mother love is our first love – it sets the stage for everything that is to come in our lives – likes – dislikes – wants – and desires. What is life worth without love? NOT very much.

Well - What is love? Now this is a tricky question. Poets – philosophers – troubadours have been trying to understand and answer this question – from the beginning of time. I define love as awareness. Awareness is consciousness. Consciousness is the fulcrum from which love emanates. Self-awareness is a growth process and so is love. A mother loves sets this complex equation in motion. A mother loves us because she loves herself - and because we were once one “being” with our mother.

Consciousness is all we ever really own. From start to finish we live inside a box of our own design – our brain. Whether we like it or not, we are responsible for our thoughts – good, bad or otherwise. Consciousness is self-awareness that is passed down via the vessel of life – mothers.


Robert Sterler