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Guy the Barber - Windsor, CA


Guy the Barber - Windsor, CA

Once upon a time barbers were everywhere they were needed. Their candy-stripe shops were local hangouts, dominated by news and rumors brought to them by every stratum of society. They were fun. They were places where you could get your hair cut exactly the way you wanted it cut. They were focal points within communities.

As the years toddled by, these havens of civility began disappearing from towns like summer heat waves on Main Streets around the country, leaving most men abandoned to the shampoo and hair dye solace of salons.

But once in a great while, in Brigadoon-like moments, you can still find a great barber out there. I had such a moment when I first walked into Guy’s Barber Shop in Windsor, California.

Guy's web page at says it all: "I specialize in all types of men's haircuts as well as fades for young boys.  I enjoy what I do and love seeing my clients, all of whom are like family to me.  But new clients and friends are always welcome!"

Guy seems to want everyone to have a great time when he cuts their hair. He’s a sport’s fan, a happy Italian and he’s been cutting hair in California since 1962. In short, he’s almost too good to be true.

But he is true and he’s a real barber. You’d better have a good twenty minute or so to spend as well as a fair price for a great haircut ($17 plus tip). I’ve had three of these haircuts and couldn’t be happier.

Also, you might have to wait your turn but this, too, is part of the fun. Everyone waiting joins in with the conversation. Once you’re in the chair, however, you are the center of attention. Guy really wants to know how you’re doing while he gives you his best effort. No buzz jobs, only quality clipping followed up by that oh-so-delightful neck shave at the end.

Oh, you might notice all the sports photos hanging on the wall or that key to the city San Carlos gave Guy but your mind will also be drifting back to the great times of the past when getting a haircut was a pastime, not a chore.

And you’ll be treated to a full measure of Guy’s wit. When I asked him what the most unusual thing he’s encountered in his 53 years of cutting hair was, he responded, “Well, I ain’t never cut anyone… bad.”

Call first to make sure Guy is there (he usually is but he’s the only barber in the shop). You can thank me later.


Guy Maniscalco, Barber 
930 Shiloh Road
Building 38, Suite C
Windsor, CA 95492
(707) 838-4770

Hours:  Tue-Fri 9am-5pm
Sat 9am-4:30pm