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North Coast Winds - May 2015


North Coast Winds - May 2015

by Robin Joy Wellman

May Day (May 1st) is worth talking about. For me it represents a sweet basket of flowers or a treat for someone special, place it at someone’s door, ring the doorbell, and run. Folklore has it that the person who receives the basket tries to catch the person leaving the basket and if caught a kiss is exchanged. This seems like it could work for a nice set up to receive a special kiss. 

May is also Date your Mate month, National BBQ month, Bike month (yeah!), Hamburger month (you could BBQ it), Photograph month, and Salad month. Weekly celebrations include honoring nurses, wildflowers, and police week.

Special and crazy holidays are Tuba Day, Save the Rhino Day, Brothers and Sisters Day, Bird Day, Cinco de Mayo, Oyster Day, Teachers Day, National Tourism Day, Lock Sock Day (really), Dance like a Chicken Day, Love a Tree Day, Wear Purple for Peace Day, Be a Millionaire Day, Sunscreen Day, and Eat a Macaroon Day. And yes, Mother’s Day and Memorial Day. Please friends don’t forget to love all those mothers out there, and please hug a veteran. 

OK – the pace is picking up for the summer and most people I know can’t seem to keep ‘up’. We all need to pick and choose what we want to do, need to do, and must do. What order you choose is up to you and how you set your priorities. I seem to work best with a lot going on although I don’t always meet the deadlines. I try – lord knows I try! One day a week I set the list aside and do exactly what I want – no order or plan. A little time to do ‘nothing’! 

If you would like some options for getting out and about, enjoying your day, no plan, we have plenty going on at the north Sonoma Coast. Fort Ross State Historic Park is hosting the Native Alaskan Day May 16 where the focus is on the Native Alaskan peoples today and in the past with arts, crafts, stories, history, blessing of the kayaks followed by a kayak race, and performances of traditional dances and good food. Visit for more information.

Timber Cove Inn often has specials for overnight stays as well as excellent music offerings on most weekends. Visit their website for more information at  

Gualala Arts always has events on the calendar with fine art exhibits, excellent concerts, and contests, 

It is worth the drive up to Point Arena – one of the most unique towns north of San Francisco. Visit the website at Point Arena Lighthouse for date and times of all events. 

Wishing you all a super great month – full of flowers, BBQ’s, finding socks, long drives to nowhere, hugging vets, and a visit to the coast.