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Geyserville Grapevine - May 2015


Geyserville Grapevine - May 2015

Last month’s Geyserville Grapevine column ended on a note of suspense with the announcement of peeping coming from inside our emu egg. I’m very pleased to report that that it was not just peeping coming from that shell – an entire baby emu soon followed, breaking out of the shell just before midnight on Spring Equinox. Baby emus come out ready to rock and roll – this one was on its feet in minutes, looking more like a furry kitten – or a striped tennis ball on top of drinking straws – than a bird. From the spotted pattern on top of her little head, we determined that our new arrival is a female and named her Astara.  The next few days were tense ones – would she eat? They normally don’t eat or drink for the first twenty-four hours, but ours was a little slow to get with the program. She initially ignored our specially-purchased Baby Emu Kibble and held out for the good stuff, whatever that might be. After much trial and error, this “good stuff” turned out to be fresh earthworms. Then it became time for “emu poo watch” – it’s a bad sign if this doesn’t happen fairly quickly and our little girl was again slow on meeting this goal. The first concrete evidence that all was well was greeted by a great flurry of text messages announcing the event. (The next two hundred or so poos have not been greeted with quite the same fanfare.) Do stop by the Oasis and say hello to our latest addition and watch her run around! 

The Friends of Alexander Valley are putting on their Third Annual fundraiser “Lobster Feed” this month. They are promising a “clawfully” good time at the Alexander Valley Hall on Saturday, May 2nd at 5:30. Tickets are $80 each – hey, lobster claws don’t exactly grow on vines around here! – and can be obtained at Alexander Valley Lobster Feed. Each diner will receive a full Maine Lobster, along with prawns, artichokes, potatoes, sausage, corn and “much more!” served clambake style. Additional info is available at their website at Alexander Valley Hall or by calling  (707) 236-0576 and/or emailing Advance tickets are advised. The Alexander Valley Hall is located at 5512 State Highway 128 in the Geyserville area, south east of the town itself.

Also, mark your calendars for Geyserville’s annual May Day Celebration. This fun day out continues a tradition that began in the 1920s  and features the Kiwanis barbecue rib cook-off, booths, games, Ballet Folklorico, and good times. The rib cook-off is judged by the number of votes cast by eaters. I admit I’m prejudiced in favor of the Geyserville Fire Department ribs, but you never know, I may be lured away by another brilliant entry this year. The May Day Celebration also includes the crowning of the May Queen  at 1:30pm, followed by a charming May Pole dance by local Geyserville third-graders. This year, it all happens on Saturday, May 3rd at the Hoffman Picnic Grounds at Canyon Road and Geyserville Avenue, just beyond our iconic Red Barn. For more information, you can contact the Geyserville Chamber of Commerce at ( 707) 276-6067.. 

Foodie Moment of the Month  

This month I’m happily back with an old favorite, the salami and cheese plank at Diavola Pizzeria. The selection offered on this platter is ever-changing but always seems to include something new and delightful. The latest standout additions were a house-made guinea hen pate and a local buffalo-milk cheese, both delightful alone or combined on the usual fine toasted bread.