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Bodega Bay Beat - May 2015


Bodega Bay Beat - May 2015

by Joan Poulos

We had some good news and some bad news in Bodega Bay last month. The good news is that the Fisherman’s Festival (Fish Fest) was a huge success. The weather co-operated and the sea was quiet for the Blessing of the Fleet. This event is the one time the entire community joins together and puts on an extravaganza. This year some of the booths were let out to vendors. We will let you know how that worked. Events like this are in a constant state of change. Events must meet local needs and volunteers must step up to make them happen to have a successful happening. The feedback from the Art show was excellent. The posters were wonderful; the shirts are attractive. Rod and Ida Moore, and many more, worked diligently behind the scenes to order the fish and the oysters, and to make the event safe and successful.

The bad news is that Bodega Bay School is about to lose one of their sterling assets. Ms. Smith is going to retire. For 26 years she has been a stalwart blessing for the youngest pupils (K-1 and 2) and it will be nearly impossible to replace her. She has instinctively known when a child really needs a hug; and when the homework really was lost (and the dog DIDN’t eat it). She is a true marvel. She has convinced many volunteers to participate in the school, and manages to involve all the ones who show up to help and don’t have the vaguest idea how to do it. She makes it all work. When the Board met in Bodgea Bay to honor the volunteers, more than sixty people showed up. The applause for Loretta Smith and Josh Risley (who teaches 3rd, 4th and 5th) was deafening. These two teachers have done incredible things in a very small school and with limited resources. HUGE KUDOS to both of them.

Mr. Risley is putting together some of the Bodega Bay children’s art and the Grange is working on getting the rail up so very soon we can have some pictures in the main hall.

It’s high time for high school seniors to apply for scholarships. They should have already contacted their counselor on how to do it. The Grange has funds to donate. Applicants must be graduating seniors either from Tomales High School or have some direct contact with the Grange (like having served at the cioppino feed, or having a relative who is active in Grange). Before they receive the money they must enroll in a post-highschool program and provide evidence of such enrollment (college, technical school, nursing school or other post high school training can qualify).

The Grange Flea Market is under new leadership. Sharon Corbett, who has done such a wonderful job. has opened her shop in the Blue Whale (where Local Colors was) and needed new managers. As so often happens in Bodega Bay, someone volunteered. We are very happy to welcome Fred and Debbie Lawson as the new managers. People really enjoy the contact with community members (to say nothing of the big bargains to be had).

With Ms. Smith gone, we will all have to step up. I am starting a book drive to get some appropriate books for the newest readers to use. It is extremely frustrating to try to explain what snowshoes are to a child who has never even seen snow. Surely there are folks who have books oriented toward Spanish-speaking children who are learning English. We have our feelers out to the Chavez School in Davis which teaches in Spanish, to see if we can get some of their inventory. Any ideas will be welcome. Just e-mail me.

Speaking of Spanish-speaking, the Grange Credit Union came and made an extensive presentation to the local Grange about setting up at least a small office where local Spanish-speaking folks can go to open an account and at least cash a check without having to go into Santa Rosa. We’ll keep you posted.

The whales are on their way to Alaska; abalone season has claimed its usual unfortunate toll of those who fail to recognize the immense power of the ocean. Salmon season has had mixed results; crabbing is over for this year. Almost time for the Farmer’s market to re-open; almost time to repeat the exercise in frustration and plant a few tomatoes (it’s hard to get Davis out of your system).Unfortunately another election is on the way, and we will all be deluged with e-mails and robo-calls, even after we have decided on our candidate and made our preference known.

The hiatus between seasons; time to review wins; write-off losses. Groan and pay your taxes; dump out that standing water (we do have mosquitoes, just not many) and get ready for summer. It’s a special season. Get ready to enjoy it. And no matter your choice, remember to VOTE.