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Geyserville Grapevine - April 2015


Geyserville Grapevine - April 2015

Isis Oasis Geyserville Sonoma County Emu EggsI know it’s spring – but it’s feeling like summer! It hit 80 degrees Fahrenheit today in Geyserville, and we’re just past the middle of March as I write this. The sky is a blazing blue and our many pheasants and other birds here at Isis Oasis are welcoming spring. Right now, my porch is “Emu Watch 2015 Heggquarters” as we attempt to hatch some of the eggs laid by our elderly but very vigorous pair of emus. If you’ve never seen an emu egg, it bears a strong resemblance to a large avocado, only its deep green “skin” is a tough shell. For the first time, we are lending our emus a hand by putting some of their eggs in an incubator – which we call the “Emu-cubator” – built by Mendi, one of our volunteers nicknamed  “The Bird Whisperer”. She’s researched emus carefully and it turns out that emu eggs are extremely sensitive to variations in temperature and humidity, and even before the climate started shifting, our emu eggs from this pair never hatched. But we can see these eggs starting to twitch so something is beginning to move inside. I’ll keep you posted if we succeed in having baby emus this season. 

Driving north to Cloverdale quite late the other evening, I noted but didn’t think much of a slight blue glow in the northwestern part of the sky. Turns out I may have seen the southern edge of the Aurora Borealis, which has been active much farther south than usual lately due to an intense solar storm. One of the great pleasures of living in Sonoma County is encountering nature in so many ways, helping me to continually increase my appreciation for this planet that we live on, around, and upon.

With Easter early this year, that means that the many Easter Egg Hunts are on in full swing. The big one at Francis Ford Coppola’s winery is already sold out, even at $10 per kid, but others in the area, including the one at the Lytton Springs Salvation Army at 200 Lytton Springs Road, will let children enjoy the full fun of finding eggs in the fields. At least sharp-eyed and fast-fingered children will be happy – Coppola’s notes that their egg hunt in the vineyards is expected to start and end within five minutes. Mom and Dad might want to slip an extra egg or two into their pockets before leaving home, just in case....

If you’d like to make a little Easter Egg magic yourself, why not try the all-natural, organic Greek method of dyeing eggs – a couple of handfuls of yellow or brown onion skins, enough water to cover eggs, and enough white vinegar to give the pot a slightly vinegary smell. Bring to a boil, strain the liquid, put back in the pot and pop in your eggs – and wait while they turn from white to brown to a deep maroon red. The first time you do this, it’s like magic to see the color start to cover the eggs. Give it a try! 

Foodie Moment of the Month  

The Geyserville Oddfellows Hall needs earthquake retrofitting, which is an expensive and time-consuming job. But the good news is that Dino Bugica of Diavola is lending a hand by cooking dinners to raise funds for the repairs. Last month‘s dinner both celebrated the 100th anniversary of the Geyserville Fire Department and gave locals the chance to support the retrofit on the Oddfellows building. Great food, a real “hometown America” experience, and a chance to support preserving the historical character of Geyserville, and it was all for $30. You can check on what’s cooking next at the Oddfellows Hall by calling (707) 857-3606. Events often sell out, so be advised.

This just in! We’re hearing peeping from inside one emu egg!