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Cazadero Communications - April 2015


Cazadero Communications - April 2015

by Natasha Pehrson

Looking out of the window of my airy cyber-hut, the large redwoods are standing sentinel over the very dry forest. I hear a vague forecast of upcoming rain, but we are in fairly dire straits so far this year. We must all do our part to conserve water and be extra careful regarding possible fire-causing scenarios. We were living in west Marin during the ‘77-78 drought and the Fire Dept. needed to deliver water to augment our dry well!

That said, the weather is especially mild and I have noticed a lot more traffic on our narrow roads. Please be careful. There have been several recent vehicle accidents, causing the drivers extreme harm – some were under the influence of alcohol, others speeding and needlessly passing the law abiding folks. If any family members or friends seem to drive especially impatiently, I do request that you ask them to slow down and consider that they are driving a weapon of mass destruction!

Spring brings with it many traditional celebrations and events. The Cazadero Community Church will have a special Easter service at 10 a.m. on Easter Sunday, April 5th, led by Sandy King. Their regular Bible study is at 7:30 p.m. on Wednesdays. The Russian River Jewish Community will hold its annual Community Passover celebration (Seder) on Monday, April 6th, 5 p.m. at the RR Senior Center in Guerneville. There will be traditional readings from the Hagadah, music with Jubilee Klezmer Ensemble, homemade matzoh ball soup and a festive potluck dinner. Reservations are requested. Please call 632-5545 ASAP for info. There is a donation asked of $16.00 per adult Member and $20.00 for non-members. Children 5-12 are 1/2 price.

The Cazadero Community Club will meet on Tuesday, April 7th, 7 p.m. at the downtown Fire Hall. Join your neighbors in planning events which benefit the entire community.

The wonderful Pole Mountain Breakfast benefit will be held on Sunday, April 12th, from 8-noon at the Cazadero Fireheall #1. A delicious way to contribute to this vital community resource. See you there!

The lovely Sky Garden offers a great spot to grow your local produce. Please contact Cathy at  to sign up to help.

Friday Pizza and live music night at Raymond’s Bakery is a big hit, drawing many folks for tasty food and great entertainment. The Cazadero and Duncans Mills Stores have a wonderful assortment of groceries and local specialty items.

Cazadero Supply continues to offer their 1st Saturday 15% Discount Day to help you with a variety of vehicle, garden and miscellaneous projects.

Many students at the Montgomery Elementary School participated in the recent Jogathon to raise funds for their upcoming overnight trip to the CYO camp in Occidental. They would like to thank their generous sponsors, which included the Cazadero Fire Department, Raymond’s Bakery and Berry’s Mill. The spring break is from March 30-April 3rd.

   While in Duncans Mills this morning, I popped into Mr. Trombly’s Tea to buy some of my favorite Russian River Blend. I recommend a visit to admire the fantastic display of bunnies and other Easter and spring related items. Wow!

    I wish a very Happy April Birthday to Tyler Cole, turning 25 on the 4th, Wes  Parmenter celebrates on the 5th, J.J.Marek on the 7th, Hannah Lockhart-Murley on the 9th, locally grown Chris Caplan will be 25 on the 12th, along with Corinna Ryan turning 35 on that date, Brooke Brady on the 14th, Ryan Port-Sonenshine on the 18th, Julia Callister on the 19th, Arrow Olesky has her day on the 21st, along with  Christian Madrone,.who will be 36 on the 21st,  Steve Parmenter celebrates on the 22nd, Gil Taijeron on the 24th, Liza Brown on the 26th, Sara Callister on the 27th, along with Justin Thaman and Tom Cacy on the 30th. Wow, lots of birthdays to celebrate in April!

   Have a wonderful Spring, drive carefully and call me at 632-5545 or email with info for your Cazadero Column!