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Laguna de Santa Rosa Workshop Laguna Preserve Management Plan


Laguna de Santa Rosa Workshop Laguna Preserve Management Plan

There will be a community workshop on the Laguna Preserve Community Workshop on the Laguna Preserve Management Plan Saturday, April 25 from 9am to 11am at the Sebastopol Center for the Arts, 282 South High Street, Sebastopol. There will also be an optional Laguna walk at 11am. 

The Sebastopol Laguna de Santa Rosa Wetlands Preserve is a small element of the overall Laguna de Santa Rosa ecosystem, which  is the second largest freshwater marsh in Northern California. The ecosystem has been called the "river that flows both ways." During heavy rains, the Laguna flows south carrying floodwaters away from the Russian River, reducing its flood levels.The Laguna, through primarily a marsh, has characteristics of a stream, creek, seasonal wetland, open water, and other aquatic habitats in various locations.

The City started building the Preserve in 1998—the first public park in the Laguna system. The basic intent is to protect and restore the native ecology, and have low-impact public access.  Thousands of native trees and shrubs have been planted, and multiple walking trails created. Today, the Preserve consists of diverse properties, including Meadowlark Field, the Railroad Forest, Tomodachi Park, and the lands behind the Community Center.   

The intent of the workshop is to help identify issues of concern, as well as opportunities to enhance the Preserve.  

  • Are there new trails or pedestrian bridges needed?
  • What areas need more native plant restoration?  
  • How should invasive plant species be managed?  
  • Does the Public Works Department need more resources for maintenance? 
  • How can the issue of illegal camping be addressed? 
  • How can we foster connections to surrounding lands and to downtown Sebastopol?  

These are some of the questions we hope to discuss at Saturday’s workshop.  The City’s consultants for the Management Plan, Prunuske Chatham and the Laguna Foundation, will be leading the workshop.  

If you can’t attend, but would like to comment, please send me an email with your thoughts. 

Kenyon Webster, Planning Director at For more information contact the Planning Department at (707) 823-6167.