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Sardine Season CLOSED to save Sea Lions


Sardine Season CLOSED to save Sea Lions

By Keary Sorenson

Time to put Ocean Life before $$

On 4/15/15 the pacific fishery management council was petitioned by a coalition of environmentalists led by the conservation group Oceana to close the sardine fishery for the rest of 2015 and all of 2016 in an effort to save the infant sea lions that will be born in 2017.
In this endevor we were successful. 
For the survival of the primary preditor along our coast this step is vitally important. Large sea lions can eat large  fish but by necessity small sea lions need small fish. With the warming of our ocean  our fish stocks are moving into deeper water or more northern waters. Young animals can only dive so deep or swim so far and with the depletion of our waters by humans (on 4/14/15 the fleet off the west coast brought in 32000 tons of sardines) something had to give and its the baby sea lion that is. over the last 6years we have had 5 die offs. This is extinction. It is being caused by us. We need to give the ocean a break. Straight up we need to stop consuming sea life caught along the entire west coast.