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Rio Nido Magic - April 2015


Rio Nido Magic - April 2015

by Elena Chronis

Rio Nido Welcomes Spring

It’s that cheerful time of year we have all been waiting for. The flowers are blooming, baby birds singing and a reminder that winter is over. The black Ravens in the hood are flying all around Rio Nido squacking and being silly. Kids are flocking to the RN Playground and enjoying themselves. Its nice to hear their laughter. Everyone is enjoying the dog park with their furry friends. Neighbors are spring cleaning and seem to have an extra pep in their step. What a wondrous time of year.

Rio Nido Community Garden

The members of the RN Community garden celebrated Spring last week. They are out in full force cleaning and planting. Its such a great sunny spot to grow veggies and fruit. By the time Summer rolls around the garden will be colorful and abundant with all sorts of vegetation. Thank you Garden Elves for beautifying our little enclave.

Message from the Tennis Court Committee

Thanks to Russian River Recreation and Parks for repaving the RN Tennis Court. It looks amazing. The net is back up and the court is ready for all you Tennis buffs. Douglas Misner, President of the RNHA is looking for someone to provide tennis instruction for kids, teenagers, etc. this summer. If you are interested, please email Douglas at:

Summer Shenanigans

For those of you already planning and mapping out your summertime fun, there is plenty coming your way here in Rio Nido.

Mark your calendars for Sunday, May 24th. It is the annual Homeowner’s Memorial Day BBQ. Libations begin at 4pm and the chicken dinner begins at 5pm.

Pee Wee Golf will also be open for all the kids that holiday weekend. I cant wait for the festivities. See you there!

Shout out goes to:

Troy and Linda Magness of Willow Ave who just celebrated their 25th Wedding Anniversary. Congratulations to a wonderful couple. 

Historic Rio Nido Sign

The Original Rio Nido sign has been in the shop for a while now being restored to its original beauty. It is scheduled to be unveiled in mid to late April. This is going to be a happy day for all of us in RN. A ribbon cutting ceremony will be announced as we get closer to the date. Soooo, stay tuned. A huge thanks to the SIGN COMMITTEE and everyone involved in making this a reality. 

Housing in RN

The Russian River area has a lot to offer. People are vacationing here and many are deciding to stay year round. Its no longer just a tourism destination. Word on the street is that many are looking to purchase and or rent in Rio Nido, but it is slim pickings. If you know of any homes or apartments that will be going for rent, please email me at: I’ll be sure to forward any prospective tenants your way. 

Pet of the Month:Elena Chronis - Rio Nido Magic - Pet of the Month April 2015: Olive

My name is Olive. I moved to RN from San Francisco. Although I sometimes miss my City life, I have grown to love life in RN. I always feel like I am on vacation and thoroughly enjoy my romps here. I get to go everywhere with my companion Humans, Ron and David. Sometimes we go on our three wheel bicycle and I get to run on the side.  Don’t tell anyone, but I have a crush on my neighbor Jesse James (the Rottweiler) across the fence. He always runs over to say hello to me. It just makes my day. I cant wait for summer so that I can lay on the deck and get some rays. I have a younger kitty sister. Her name is Ella and Elena put her in this column last month.