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Marketing 101 - Be Known for Something by Julie Walker


Marketing 101:
Be Known for Something
by Julie Walker

Julie Walker, Wine Country Radio - Sonoma County, CA

Field Dominance

 Advertising is only expensive, when it doesn’t work.  The worst thing you can do is confuse your potential customer with too much information. What do you really need people to know about your business?  Last time I wrote about defining your USP (unique selling proposition).  What do you do that’s different from your competitors?  Pick one or two things and drive that message home.  Field or category dominance is the ultimate goal and can be achieved with commitment and focus.  Let’s say you own a sporting goods store, you have a 100% satisfaction guarantee policy and you carry the widest choice of brands and prices.   These are compelling offers.  They provide opportunity without risk to your potential buyer.  They can shop all brands in all price ranges.  If they change their mind about what they’ve purchased, they can exchange it any time. 

Will you dominate your field?  Take a stand.   Be known for something.  Of course you will want to advertise other things, and you can.  Just make sure you have a core message and don’t muddle your message with too many things at once. 

Don’t spread yourself too thin

Decide on the message, then decide where the message will be served.   A lot of advertisers make the mistake of trying to be everywhere.  The result of which is, they are spread too thin.  Less is more.  Don’t dilute the message.   Let’s say you have a gallon of water and 4 pots of flowers.  You give a little water to each plant.  Nothing flourishes.  If you concentrate your efforts on one or two pots, your efforts bloom and multiply, bringing you much joy (aka prosperity). 

The Advertising Budget

Regardless of the size of your budget, you can get the most out of your investment by owning something.   Own a section of the paper, own a page, own a daypart on a radio station, own a day.   Buy one commercial per hour every Monday and I guarantee you have just reached all the people who listen on Mondays.  I have redirected many of my client’s dollars so they are focused in fewer directions…..from six media choices to three.  Same amount of advertising dollars, but their return on investment has improved dramatically.  Bigger impact, better results.   Most people are creatures of habit.  Monday thru Friday we wake up at the same time, drive to work the same way, stop at the same gas stations and coffee shops.  Because of these engrained habits, as an advertiser, you have the ability to get in front of the same audience over and over again.  The frequency of your repeated message yields a greater opportunity to be memorable which motivates people to buy from you when they are in the market for your service or product. 

Owning a business without a marketing plan is like planning a trip without a map (or GPS these days).  

Julie Walker is a writer and marketing consultant for Wine Country Radio with 23 years in radio, but the principles apply to all the Media.  She can be reached at