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Clover Stornetta Dairy Farms - E-CLO-Logical since 1916


Clover Stornetta - E-CLO-Logical since 1916

Marcus Benedetti- (Clover-President & CEO) Bob McClure of McClure Dairy

By Karen Pavone 

Clover has been an integral part of the North Bay landscape and a powerful voice of the dairy industry since they began nearly 100 years ago. From the company›s passionate support of animal welfare, to its reputation for eco-friendly business practice and community outreach, Clover has been a pioneer in sustainability long before it was fashionable.  Since the beginning, Clover has kept its ear to the ground and takes consumer feedback seriously when making critical business decisions.

“We will remain steadfast in our commitment to give families the highest quality, best tasting dairy products on the market without compromising the well-being of our dairy cows,” said Dan Benedetti, Chairman of the Board.

“My dad was the first to look at and address milk production and animal welfare differently,” says Clover President & CEO, and third generation of the family founders, Marcus Benedetti. “He knew our consumers wouldn›t support what was being pushed in the industry (Monsanto›s rBST hormone treatment) and that Clover could offer something different. Thanks to his foresight, we believe we have the cleanest, highest quality milk supply in the country today. It was a courageous stand to take, but it was the right one.”

As Marcus now leads the charge, he is determined that his generation, and those that follow, will continue to abide by Clover’s values developed so long ago surrounding consumer needs, quality, compassion, and the vision to improve upon the company›s blueprint for sustainable farming.

“We are striving to reconnect the American dairy farmer to the consumer in a positive way,» Marcus says. “We’re telling a different story by being transparent and showing people where their milk comes from and how their cows are treated.”

Clover was the first dairy in the United States to become American Humane Certified. This annual certification means that you can enjoy Clover products knowing that the lives of their dairy cows are happy. They are free to live and grow in a humane environment under conditions and care that limit stress and disease. They are free to enjoy a healthy life, have fresh water and a good diet readily accessible, and are free to express normal behaviors and live in a comfortable environment that includes sufficient space to roam, proper facilities, and shelter.

Clover awarded the SBI Seal of SustainabilityThey have elevated the bar by providing economic incentives for their partner dairies to maintain the highest quality standards in the industry. In fact, Clover developed their own set of quality standards to adhere to, when they created the North Coast Excellence Certification. This rigorous set of criteria guarantees that all Clover milk is sourced from producers who abide by the highest standards of animal welfare and environmentally-sound farm practices. This means their cows are never treated with the growth hormone rBST, they are never cloned, and they are always cared for under the American Humane Certified animal welfare program. It also ensures environmental consciousness of the contributing dairy partners’ land and resources and that they have operations in place to improve soil condition, protect water quality, and maintain the land for forage and for wildlife.

This earth day we celebrate Clover, for listening to their consumers, taking care of their local family farms, and actually caring about the well-being of those hard working dairy cows. It's no wonder they were awarded the SBI Seal of Sustainability for sourcing local supply of milk and decreasing miles to market. They also removed all ammonia based cooling systems and changed to a refrigerant based glycol system, installed solar panels on all their fleet maintenance facility, and a new waste water system that reduces their water consumption by 10 million gallons a year, and the list goes on.

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“Clover milk is quite possibly the cleanest milk in the United States.” ~ Pete Hardin, Publisher, The Milkweed.

Clover Stornetta Dairy Farms - E-CLO-Logical since 1916

Certifications & Achievements Clover Stornetta has received over time in its ongoing pursuit of quality.

Clover Stornetta Farms, Organic and Natural Dairy Products



What a treat to learn of the proper treatment of dairy cattle in the USA – having just researched the Ag-Gag laws which are protecting obviously nefarious practices AND abusing the First Amendment.
Have you had contact with Compassion in World Farming USA?   A highly reputable charity (HQ in England), now worldwide, working for the proper treatment of farm animals,  respect for resources such as  water and soil, and the encouragement of wildlife.    
With best wishes,
Rosemary Marshall