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Don't Miss the Regional Climate Adaptation Forum: April 8th at SSU


Don't Miss the Regional Climate Adaptation Forum: April 8th at SSU

by Tish Levee

There’s still time to register for the inaugural Sonoma County Adaptation Forum, held in the SSU Student Center on April 8th.

Once again, Sonoma County is leading the way with this first-ever county-level climate adaptation forum (the first National Forum was in Denver in 2013 and the first state CAF in Sacramento last August). This follows Sonoma County’s Regional Climate Protection Agency (RCPA) receiving one of only sixteen White House Climate Champion’s Awards in December.

The day will begin with Susan Gorin, Chair of the Board of Supervisors, reporting on “The State of the County – Climate Change Impacts, Vulnerabilities and Solutions in Sonoma County.” She recently stated, “We know that the future is likely to bring more droughts, floods and fires. [This] forum will bring together policymakers across the county to discuss how we can make our community resilient and safer in light of these challenges.”

Presenters will include nationally acclaimed research scientists as well as local leaders who are actively researching the effects of climate change in the aspects of Sonoma County most likely to be impacted in the future. Throughout the day, three panels: “Extreme Weather Science – Drought and Deluge in Sonoma County,” “Adapting to Extremes: Managing the Risks of Climate Change in Sonoma County through Planning and Response,” andThe Role of Agricultural and Open Space Lands in Responding to Climate Change” as well as two Ignite! sessions—short presentations on real, working solutions for responding to climate change—will increase awareness of climate impacts to Sonoma County and strategies for climate resilience.

The presentations will conclude with a keynote speech by Dr. Glenda Humiston, the California State Director at the USDA, Rural Development. Dr. Humiston will address the topic of “Fostering Resilience in Sonoma County,” outlining ways in which the USDA will help expand economic opportunity while preserving and conserving our natural resources through restoring forests, improving watersheds, and fostering healthy private working lands in a time of climate change.

There will be multiple opportunities for networking during the day, especially during lunch and a closing a wine and beer reception, both of which are included in the registration fee.

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