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Santa Rosa Junior College Redistricting Areas 3,4,5 Trustees Public Input


Santa Rosa Junior College (SRJC) Redistricting Areas 3,4,5 Trustees Public Input

By Jessica M. Jones

After close to two years of lobbying, SRJC's Board of Trustees will hold their first study session on redistricting SRJC Trustee Area 3,4,5. The study session will take place on March 25th 2015, 1-3pm in the Student Activities Center, Bertolini Student Center. 

The first half of the session will include presentations focused on the legalities of redistricting, how Sonoma County Junior College trustee areas have formed and proposed solutions towards addressing this disproportionate trustee area. After the presentations, members of the public will have an opportunity to comment. 

Supported by over 14 organizations county-wide, including the Sonoma County League of Women Voters, we believe that redistricting trustee area 3,4,5 is the RIGHT thing to do. By breaking up this large district of over 200,000 residents into three proportionate trustee areas a more equitable elections process, an equal voice and equal representation within the Sonoma County Junior College District can take place. 

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Questions or Comments can be submitted to:

Jessica Jones



Dear President Kunde,  Board Members and Dr. Chong,

Thank  you for initiating this discussion and review of reorganizing  the SCJCD Trustee Area 3,4,5. Recognizing the importance of this issue to our community,  demonstrates SRJC's commitment to diversity, equity, and movement into our shared future.  Together  with the following 14 organizations:

From Santa  Rosa Junior College:

The  Phi Theta  Kappa  Honor  Society, the All Faculty Association,  the Associated  Student  Senate,  the Classified

Senate, the Black Student  Union/ NAACP, the Latino/a Faculty Staff Association, and MEChA de SRJC.

From  the community-at-large:

SRJC Census TractThe American Association  of University Women-  Santa Rosa Branch, the Latino Leaders of Sonoma State, League of  Women   Voters  Sonoma County,   the  North   Bay  Organizing   Project,  SEIU  Local  1021,  Sonoma   County Conservation Action and the Sonoma  County  Democratic Party, we stand in solidarity in our request for an open, transparent,  collaborative public review process of Trustee Area 3,4,5.

With the formation of a review committiee, multiple variables should be considered in the redistricting process- such as but not limited to the resources  provided  by the California Community  College League, Census Data, Data from the Portrait of Sonoma County, educational attainment data, resident demographics, representation and voting should be considered integral to the review of Trustee Area 3,4,5 and that a timeline be adopted  for redistricitng in time for the 2016 election.

SRJC Redistricting Version 1The California Community College League states that, " the heart of it, redistricting is about bringing people closer to their government and making sure they have an equal voice in elections." Since passage of AB 684 in 2011, the California Education Code  calls for Trustee  areas to be as nearly equal as possible in population.  Furthermore the California Voting Rights Act requires ". . .an agency to switch to nustee-area  elections and draw trustee-areas if it was likely to enable a protected  class to elect a member  of that class, or for the protected  class to influence the outcome of  a trustee-area  election."  Many  colleges  have switched  from  at-large  election  systems  to  single representative districts. Examples include: Compton, Santa Barbara, Peralta, and Glendale community colleges.

SRCJ Redistricting Version 2In the SCJC District, Trustee  Area 3,4,5 is three times larger than the other SCJCD  trustee areas. Trustees in 3,4,5 represent 207,000+  residents, while other SCJCD trustees represent 69-70k residents. Consequently, candidates must raise large sums of money in order  to be elected in the massive trustee area. Furthermore, Trustee  area 3,4,5  is the only area within Sonoma County Junior College District with an at-large, staggered election process.

To aide further research and review of the redistricting process and ofSCJCD Trustee Area 3,4,5, I have compiled the following resources for review: 2010 Census Data and sample maps, pertinent  sections from the California Education Code, helpful resources from the Community  College League of California, pertinent  sections of the California Election  Code as well as resolutions and letters of support  from the community-at-large.

SRJC District 3,4,5 OverlapsIn conclusion,  we are excited to work with you on this project,  by redistricting Trustee  Area 3,4,5 we believe that educational  and  social  inequities  can  be  better  addressed.  Equal  representation is  critical  to  shaping  program development and achieving student success.  We look fotward to the study session in March, and on behalf of the 13 organizations  who support  our call for redistricting, we want to thank you for championing this important issue.

In appreciation, Jessica Jones