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Rio Nido Magic - March 2015


Rio Nido Magic - March 2015

by Elena Chronis


The 28th Annual Russian River Rotary Crab Feed was a memorable evening.  The Friends of Rio Nido (FRN) shared a long table with the Russian River Chamber of Commerce members. There wasn't an empty seat in the house as this years crab feed was sold out.  The venue took place at Shone Farms.  Senator Mike McGuire was in his element auctioneering and mc'ing the evening. His positive energy and exuberant personality made the evening fun.  Sightings of many friends and community leaders in attendance added to the festive environment.  Herman Hernandez, President of the RR Rotary was making his rounds. It was great to see our Fifth District Supervisor Efren Carrillo there as well as Vesta Copesakes, owner of the Sonoma County Gazette.  Also, our very own Rio Nidan, Christopher Magness of El Molino High was one of the participating wait staff.  Rio Nidans and FRN Board Members in attendance were: John Uniack, Matt Malik, J. Mullineaux, Kim Holliday, Crista Luedke, Jennifer Ostrom, Ron and David Keller, Troy and Linda Magness, Larry Tocmakidis and yours truly.  Looking forward to next years crab feed already.


The storm we just had last month packed a punch.  Mother Nature was in a mood and it showed.  The rains came down real strong and were quite substantial.  I don't mind the rain at all, we all know that we need the rains. Its the winds that blew my mind.  It was like a small monsoon in my yard and we had to run for cover a couple of times while checking on our home and property. Large branches came down all over Rio Nido denting cars and coming down near the veggie garden and dog park. The power was out on several streets for as long as 24 hours. We know that PG&E was working diligently to restore power to our little enclave. Hoping for more rain but without the wind. Funny, speaking with several neighbors this past month and we all seem to be on the same page....SPRING is in the air...It seems everyone is ready as the cherry blossoms are blooming, flowers are opening up everywhere and folks are ready for a little warmer weather.


If you take issue with people illegally camping and illegally squatting on County land and the impact they have on the community--particularly on those who live nearby-please call the Sheriff's Central Dispatch (707) 565-2121) & the Rohnert Park Division of CHP (707) 588-1400888-422-4756) to lodge a complaint. Additionally, send an email to: Charity Koch, our Community Resource Officer ( ***It absolutely takes several residents voicing their concerns to assure appropriate action.***  Its definitely making a huge difference and is being addressed by our local law enforcement.  Thank you to all those who care.


Moving here has made a positive impact on my life. There are many wonderful people who live in Rio Nido.  The friendships I have forged here will last a lifetime. Recently I celebrated my Birthday.  I was touched by my circle of thoughtful and sweet neighbors and friends who made my Birthday special. A shout out goes to: Pip and Donovan from Canyon 6; Ron and David from Sequoia Ave, Matt and J from Bay Ave, Marco and Craig from Rio Nido Road, Troy and Linda Magness from Willow Ave and Susie Frankel of Canyon 7. Thanks for making my heart sing.

PET OF THE MONTHElena Chronis - Rio Nido Magic - Pet of the Month March 2015: Ella

Hi. My name is Ella (Kruella De Ville). I was adopted by my two dads Ron and David of Sequoia Ave on Mother's Day last year. They were told I was feral,  but after meeting me they adopted me anyway. Boy did I luck out.  I knew if I watched my P's & Q's, I could have a good thing going here. Now I live in the lap of luxury in Rio Nido. I am almost a year old and love looking out my window at all the interesting people and pets that walk by. My sister is a Whippit/Beagle. We play together all the time. Many thanks to our neighbor Elena, for giving me my 15 minutes of fame!