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Bodega Bay Beat - March 2015


Bodega Bay Beat - March 2015

by Joan Poulos

March should come in like a lion and leave like a lamb. This year the lion came in February. It had rough spots and local flooding but the mustard is lovely and the birds are happy with the moisture we finally got. . The tulips have bloomed, and the “rhodies”’ got some of the moisture they so desperately needed. 

February ended up as a busy month. Cabaret was, as usual, a great hit. The whole community gets together and has fun putting on the show. Great credit should go to Diana and Mike Bundy. What a gift they give to the community. They have good supporters, too, like Sharon Corbett who made the curtains which improved the stage (and which the children in any meeting find irresistible). The community shows its support. All of the shows were sold out (even the extra one they squeezed in.) 

February brought a few rough days; wind and power outages. PG&E tries hard, but at one point more than 1700 homes were without power. If you call, they notify you of power outages in your area (but their automated offer asked whether I wanted to be notified of outages by e-mail—with no power...) They are prompt in sending workers who are always polite and professional but can’t seem to stop the power surges. 

The lawsuit I suffered for three years is finally over. We convinced the jury, but now the loser has deluged Yelp with negative comments. It makes you realize how social media can be abused and how powerful it is. It is surprising that Yelp doesn’t require complainents to sign their full name. Like other guaranteed rights, abuses occur. Even the First Amendment does not protect defamation but it is a fine line. Constitutional protections can be abused. Even in our system there are limits (no crying “ Fire” in a crowded room) but disparaging a leader thousands worship as holy is questionable( but probably not a violation in the US.) 

Fortunately the Fish Fest planning is off to a splendid start. The art contest to select the best design was won by John Hershey. The watercolor of the boats leaving the harbor is lovely and just the right touch for the posters, tickets and shirts. John’s excellent photographs can be seen in the new business, Best Vacation Rentals,( where Local Color used to be). Kudos to Glynda Christian who put together the art contest. Fish Fest is April ll (put it on your calendar.) A new web site which Linda McBee has put together is good. Thanks go to those like Ms. Rooney and many others who do the planning. It is always one of the highlights of the Spring season. 

We are still hoping for a local hospital. Latest word is that an emergency facility may be opening (details are still emerging). We hope that we may soon have some medical facilities in West county. Some people oppose it, thinking that they can take River Road to Sutter, Santa Rosa, but they, too, need to consider that roads may be impassable or that they might be in Sebastapol or Bodega Bay when their emergency developed. The Letters to the Editor are right on. Just because you don’t have kids in school doesn’t mean that you don’t support the taxes which provide the school for your community. 

We live in a very diverse and well-informed community. Many of us have traveled or lived (or both) in the Middle East and have great interest therein. Locally, we may not agree on some issues but even our Republican friends are shocked by the insults to our President by Israeli Prime Minister, Netanyahu 

(accepting House Speaker John Boehner’s invitation without consulting the President) This is an insult in the Middle East and a good example of “if you’re not sure of your invitation, clarify or stay home.” We, who have friends in Lebanon, Syria, and Palestine realize how important “face” is in these areas. One remedy might be a total press blackout if he continues to ignore good manners (because it is quite likely he will tout his “appearance “before the US Congress.) 

Plans are advancing for the usual Fireworks in Bodega Bay. The planned date is July 3 with the pancake breakfast July 4. When we shop (or go to the bank or pharmacy) outside our town, people always mention the Bodega Bay fireworks as a highpoint. The Chamber of Commerce is to be commended for putting this together. Come out and support the Hitchcock Film Festival (March21) to be sure the fireworks continue. 

Life in Bodega Bay is varied and wonderful. Take time to just observe what you see. With a fixed window in the community center where we practice yoga we observe the activity in the new park. We see quail, robins and one day a great blue Heron came to observe. We watch dog walkers bring their dogs on leash, look around and see no one, and let the dogs run. We have a good view of visitors who are arguing; visitors who are loving and those who come only for the porta potty. The new trail is much used, and the number of visitors to the bell tower has increased. The public definitely uses this park. 

April is a beautiful month. Time to plant; time to enjoy but NEVER time to be bored. Enjoy.