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SOLUTIONARIES: A Real World Quest to Change the World


SOLUTIONARIES: A Real World Quest to Change the World

A unique blend of science, art and magic, the Solutionaries exhibit invites participants, young and old, to join the quest to restore our planet.

Designed for elementary and middle school children and their families to explore climate change solutions, this first-of-its-kind interactive exhibit takes viewers on a quest to discover seven “Solutionaries” (climate change heroes) who have implemented strategies to solve climate change.

Participants will find clues to the identities of the seven Solutionaries hidden in an interactive eBook and in the physical exhibit itself. iPads are available at the gallery to access the eBook. The Solutionaries will remain a mystery until participants unearth the clues hidden throughout the exhibit.

Celebrated artists have created “treasures” as part of the game play in the exhibit. The artists include Margaret Atwood, Lily Yeh, Fran Forman, Mia Tavonatti, Mac Adams, Penny Michel and Ron Seivertson.

The interactive eBook is written by award-winning playwright Kristin Carlson, with creative direction and illustrations by environmental educator and award-winning filmmaker Carolyn Scott, The Storybox Adventure follows Lily, a ten-year-old girl in Devonshire England, who is inspired to save the Dartmoor Warbler and in order to do so must discover seven Solutionaries.

The Solutionaries project is part of a larger mission to build a multimedia, online Climate Change Solution Library.

Dr. Jeff Harding superintendent of Healdsburg Unified School District says: “Our teachers are thrilled to be involved with this innovative and meaningful project. Solutionaries integrates science, problem solving and fine arts in an interactive format that’s sure to capture the hearts and minds of our students.”

The interactive exhibit, Solutionaries, will be on display at the Hammerfriar Gallery in Healdsburg, Friday, March 20 through Earth Day, April 22. Exhibit is open Mon-Friday from 10AM - 6PM, Sat 10AM - 5pm and Sunday from 12pm – 4pm. The exhibit is free and open to the public. Groups larger than 10 people need to make reservations.

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