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ASK the Loan Man Hans Bruhner - March 2015 - You read my column? ......REALLY!?


ASK the Loan Man Hans Bruhner - March 2015
You read my column? ......REALLY!?

by Hans Bruhner

People tell me that they enjoy my columns. I am getting used to it but it always surprises me. I am passionate about real estate and mortgage lending but it seems to me that it is a dry subject and nobody will be interested.

Realtors have an easier time of things with their subject. You can go on about views and wonderful cabinetry and a home theater and people want to see and hear more. There is HGTV for Home and Garden but MTV is not Mortgage TV kids. I have a friend who told his wife that she should spend an hour on their house for every 2 hours she spent watching HGTV….. that didn’t go over well.

My friend Ken sends out a monthly newsletter to several neighborhoods and tells everyone what has sold and what is available there now. He sends it out every month without fail. People leave it on the fridge for a month until the next one comes. One person kept them in a file for years before calling him for help. If he is late, people call him and ask him what’s up? Ken is passionate about his chosen career and he is happy about it and it shows.

I am an expert on real estate finance and so my view of the business is through mortgage goggles. I understand how Realtors work intimately and I work in concert with them all day, every day. I like Realtors, I appreciate what they do and I am glad I am not a Realtor. I have done it for a little over a year a long time ago. It gave me a deeper appreciation for all of the nuances that they need to master and made me realize that I could be a good Realtor OR a great Lender.

You have likely been to many restaurants that served good food, they were nice enough but you never went back and you forgot about the place. You may go back if you are driving by but you won’t go out of your way. That is the typical relationship that most realtors have with their clients. When you get into a relationship with an extraordinary Realtor, not only will you go out of your way to work with them again but you will tell your friends and family and co-workers about them because it was that good. The funny thing about that kind of loyalty is that it doesn’t get created from a billboard or a full page color ad in the Sunday paper, it is born from a passion for their career that is translated into excellent customer service and follow up with their clients. By taking excellent care of their clients, they are assured to be referred to more clients. When that happens, everyone is happy to be working together and the cycle continues. It is a great way to work and beneficial for all.

If you need the recommendation of a good Realtor or any other service professional, please feel free to Ask the Loan Man.

Need to know more? Please send me your real estate and mortgage related questions. I am happy to answer you and it may become the topic of a future article.

Hans Bruhner (NMLS 243484) is a home loan advisor for First Priority Financial, Inc. (NMLS 3257). Both are licensed by the Department of Business Oversight under the CRMLA.  If you have a question, please contact Hans at (707) 887-1275 or