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Creating A Resilient Sonoma County Together


Creating A Resilient Sonoma County Together

From March through May every year, Daily Acts calls upon Sonoma County residents to participate in the Community Resilience Challenge and help make our communities more sustainable by saving water, growing food, conserving energy, reducing waste, and building community.

Over the past five years, 14,500 resilience building actions have been registered in Sonoma County and the goal for 2015 is to add another 7,000 actions to this incredible tally! Participants in the 2015 Challenge can choose from over 40 suggested actions from installing a greywater system, to planting a fruit tree to unplugging unused electronics –  no matter where you are on your journey to lighten your footprint, there’s something for you.

Working together with citizens, schools, businesses, community and faith-based groups, municipalities and public agencies, we can inspire and mobilize our neighbors and our broader community to create the most ambitious and visionary Community Resilience Challenge yet. What part will you play?

This year’s Community Resilience Challenge will kick off with a launch party on March 26th and culminates in a weekend of action on May 16th and 17th. Registration opens in mid-March and all Sonoma County registrants will receive discounts and incentives from local businesses just for signing up! Plus, if you’re part of a community garden, Sonoma Compost is offering several 10-yard and one 40-yard donation of compost to a garden that demonstrates need. Please contact for more details and an application form.

Daily Acts is grateful for the support of the following 2015 Community Resilience Challenge sponsors: Sonoma County Water Agency, Sonoma Compost, Sonoma County Department of Health Services and Whole Foods.

To learn more visit or phone (707) 789-9664.