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Sonoma County Gardeners Resource Guide 2015


Sonoma County Gardeners Resource Guide 2015

WELCOME to our 12th Annual guide to supporting Sonoma County garden businesses. From Nurseries to Landscapers and Garden Clubs we have created as comprehensive a resource to locally-owned garden businesses as we can. This entire guide with Garden Calendar and updates all year kong is also available on its own website at Please feel free to let us know about a bsuiness we have may have missed so we can include them in our FREE listing under their category. Enjoy your garden and please support Sonoma County entrepreneurs.

Here is a LINK to DOWNLOAD the 2015 Gardeners Resource Guide. The print editon is included in the March 2015 print edtion of the Sonoma County Gazette and is distributed during March to almost 1000 newsstands, coffee shops, restaurants and stores throughout Sonoma County. If you would like a copy of the print editon, please find a location near you. THANK YOU for reading!


Growing this Gardeners Resource Guide

When I started publishing a guide to Sonoma County garden businesses 12 years ago, I focused on nurseries that I frequented when I bought plants for my landscaping clients. I no longer have that business, but my heart is still wrapped in the wonder of nurturing plants and providing habitat for creatures. 

What I see from my home office window is a play of light and shade splashed with color as flowers bloom throughout the year. I have bird baths everywhere in my yard, so it’s very popular for my feathered friends and neighborhood cats who seem to live in harmony with their flying friends. 

My personal tastes in gardening emphasize living in concert with nature. If there’s anything I learned as a professional gardener, it’s that you cannot control the environment, you can only influence it with your choices. Which is why I ask professionals to write about ways you can garden in partnership with nature. One of the most important conscioous choices we make is how to garden without using lots of water.

I originally came from the east where it rained all year long. But here it only rains half a year and the other half is dry. With our currentl long-range drought, creating low water use gardens is the only sensible way to garden, so I asked experts to educate our readers on how to garden “water-wise.”

As you will see as you flip through our pages, we have added many categories over the years. We have expanded far beyond nurseries to places where you can buy soils and mulches (always important for water-wise gardening), rocks and gravel (see Joe Schriner’s water-permeable path article), and if you love gardens but not gardening, we have a long list of people you can hire to take care of your property for you. Please use this guide to support our locally-owned garden businesses - THANK YOU!


Dear Readers,

I want to introduce you to our Cover Artist, Teri Sloat.  I found her paintings in the Sebastopol Gallery quite a few years ago and became enthralled with how she sees the world. When you go to her website you can see that she has a broad spectrum of styles, from traditional (Teri style) landscapes to illustrations for childrens books. Teri lives and breathes color. And because she is so generous with her creativity, she even offers drawings for your children to color that you can download and print for them. 

So please learn more about this remarkable artist and consider visiting Sebastopol Gallery where you can purchase prints or even greeting cards of her work - tiny bits of art to share with your message in the mail.

Teri Sloat ~ Our Cover Artist

Teri Sloat - artist, author, illustratorI have always admired gardeners like my husband and daughter. They understand the soil, when to plant, and what to plant where.  I love the gardens where we live, but I tend to garden in my head.  That, I am sure, started during summers harvesting crops in the Willamette Valley while growing up. Those cultivated fields were a place to daydream.

All my life I have been planting seeds for images that seem to pop into my head during the right growing conditions.  Some sprout into finished art quickly, like annuals, but others tend to be perennial themes that bloom for several seasons, stop, then pop back up a few years later in a different form. 

I seldom know until I put thoughts to paper or canvas what image will grow.  I find the gardens around me that I admire most are a little wild.  Birds add unexpected seeds, and there is an element of surprise when plants spread to a new area.

Teri Sloat - autumn birdI come from a background of writing and illustrating picture books, and now combine that with a career in plein air and studio landscape painting and narrative art.  Both have strong roots in a life outdoors...on ranches, farms and trails, and remote areas of Alaska.  My art helps me share the sense of wonder and inner quiet I feel when out in nature.  The patterns and color of land, water and air weave their way into my own story of where I am standing, whether it is in front of a marsh full of red-winged blackbirds or in front of my own imaginary story with its folkloric images.  

My work can be seen in Sebastopol Gallery and my studio is open during Art Trails and Art at the Source, as well as other galleries.  Visit my websitea at or for information on picture books.