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Five Reasons to Write a Press Release


Five Reasons to Write a Press Release

By Robin Noelle 

One of the most important tools in your publicity toolbox is the press release. It’s a critical device to bring news of your organization to the world. With the amount of news generated each day, there’s no guarantee that your press release will get coverage. By making your press release newsworthy and interesting, the more news outlets will share your release. If you’re wondering what themes make for a good press release, here are five great reasons to send one out.

1) You’re starting a new business. Write a title for your press release that tells your target audience what your company does. Maybe you help small business owners get loans or create sneakers from 100% recycled materials. Be specific, keep it short and write it like a news headline.

2) You have a new product or service. This is important news to share! Be sure to include the W’s of writing, what you’re offering, who you are, where they can get it, when it’s available and why it’s important.

3) You’ve reached a milestone. Have you served your 10,000th customer? Been in business for 10 years? Be sure to include a quote from the owner, CEO or other key figure discussing why the milestone is important and what it means to the reader.

4) You’ve formed a partnership. Again, focus on what appeals to the reader. What does your partnership mean to them? Are you expanding your services? Offering a new product? Or has your company improved in some way? Make this the emphasis of your news release.

5) You’ve received an award. Whether you’ve earned a Reader’s Choice, Best Workplace or an industry-specific award, it’s exciting and important news. This news release lets customers, clients and potential customers know that you are the company they should select. Be sure to focus on what the award means to the readers – that your CEO received an award is not enough. But if that award is for being the best local workplace or for a program that reduces childhood gum disease, that makes it newsworthy.

While the primary goal of a press release is the promotion of your company, product or service, remember that for the editor who receives and reviews it, the goal is to provide interesting news for their readers. Make sure to write your press release from this perspective and focus on what would appeal to the reader, rather than you, the business owner. In addition to sending your press releases to local and national editors, be sure to post them on your website under a media section where clients and prospects can find them.

Robin Noelle is a professional author, writer and writing coach located in Sonoma County, California. You can find more information about writing coaches at