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Roseland Review - February 2015


Roseland Review - February 2015

by Duane De Witt

The new year of 2015 looks to be shaping up as a good year in which there may be more respect for Roseland from both the city of Santa Rosa governmental officials, and the local officials from the county government also.  As this article is going to press there are two important meetings scheduled in the last week of January which will begin to show whether the first sentence of this article will hold true.  The first meeting was held by the city of Santa Rosa on Tuesday 27, January during the city council meeting when the matter of the scope of work for the Roseland Area Specific Plan was heard and voted upon by the council.  The next Roseland Review in February will report extensively upon that matter as well as the second important meeting which was convened by the county.

On Wednesday, January 28, 2015 from 4:00 PM-5:30 PM at the Community Development Commission Public Hearing Room at 1440 Guerneville Rd. the Roseland Village Advisory Group met.  It is the task group appointed by the county to help inform John Haig the county director of Redevelopment how community members would like to see the placement of a “Plaza” happens in Roseland.  Information about how the community may be more involved in this important process will also be discussed in the next issue of Roseland Review.  At this time it would be a good opportunity to share some recent news made available by the county for citizens to know.

The Sonoma County Community Development Commission has hired a new Community Outreach Specialist.  His name is Beau Anderson, and he can be reached at 1440 Guerneville Rd., Santa Rosa CA, 95403. He has an Office phone: (707)565-7500 and Cell phone: (707)280-5835.  He previously served as an intern with County Supervisor Efren Carrillo of the Fifth Supervisorial District.  One of his main tasks now will be to work with the existing Roseland Village Task Group for the community based planning efforts for the redevelopment of the entire seven acres of land owned by Sonoma County at the Roseland Village Shopping Center on Sebastopol Rd. at West Ave.

Mr. Anderson recently announced Mr. Jason Weiss, who is Co-Chief Executive Officer, at The Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Sonoma County has been appointed to the Roseland Village Advisory Group.  Mr. Anderson wrote, “In Roseland, the Boys and Girls Club, serves kids after school on all three elementary school campuses and the middle school campus.” according to the official announcement.  He also announced the appointment of Alexander S. Templeton, M.Ed., M.A., to the group.  He is a community member and educational instructor, with activities involving education in Roseland according to the county announcement.

Mr. Anderson wrote, “Alex grew up in Roseland on Dutton Ave. and Leo drive. He attended Roseland and Sheppard elementary, and was bussed from Roseland to Montgomery High School” where he graduated. After graduation from high school he attended the University of Nevada Las Vegas as well as Sonoma State University where he earned a certificate to Teach English as a Second Language.  The announcement of his appointment to the Roseland Village Task Group stated, “He resides in Sonoma County, and he is a certified facilitator and youth developer, and a thriving young man from the barrio, as scholar and leader, who will offer advice as a Roseland community member.”

There are many diverse neighborhoods in the over one square mile community of Roseland so it will be a good thing to have even more participation by many more members of the Roseland community.  Roseland Review will try to get meeting schedules out to the public in a more timely manner by requesting the city and county work in a more comprehensive manner to get the information out as early as possible.  The city of Santa Rosa has not reconfigured the Roseland Annexation Committee with new members since the Nov. 2014 elections.  There may be three new members on that joint city and county committee, though we to know the county will keep County Supervisors Shirlee Zane and Efren Carrillo on the committee.  With Mr. Anderson now at the county there is the possibility he will also attend those Roseland Annexation Committee meetings and help to inform the citizens well about upcoming events controlled by the governmental agencies holding the fate of Roseland in their hands.