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Cotati Heart & Soul - February 2015


Cotati Heart & Soul - February 2015

by Deborah Taylor-French

“Love is a long…long road.” —Tom Petty

The mystery of love remains larger than the known universe. As I try to distill “LOVE” in the life of my community into this short column, I cannot help but give a short bark of laughter. A wise person must keep his or her secrets. Yet a writer dances between the knowable and unknowable worlds of feelings, thoughts and experience. I recall starting over in Cotati. Moving to this little town was a long held dream. Other cities felt too large to get a grasp on the leaders, politics and social fabric. Cotati remains a neighborly town with the day-to-day challenges a small community brings. 

Cotati makes Citizenship a Verb;
Beautiful Smart Rail Station Ready for Trains   

Over the past dozen years, Cotati City Council has demonstrated strategic and long-term thinking. Cotati enjoys a high level of volunteerism and leadership. A recent example is the Cotati Smart Rail Station, which became a reality due to council members volunteer work on transportation and county governance boards. Now the fruit of their work stands in view. I invite you to go look at our Smart Rail Station.

Would you like to stay in touch with Cotati Smart Rail Station? Just visit, like and get the notifications on Facebook for “Cotati Station - Transit Center & Residential Community”.

Here our council members quickly learn that local business owners, homeowners, renters, college students and seniors are stakeholders in a shared future. Yes, we experience a struggle between college students’ “party houses” and those of us who get up early five to seven days a week to work. I do hope all sides will patiently and kindly listen to each other. For years we have lived near a fraternity rented property, and we have occasionally been robbed of entire nights of sleep.

As a town, we share a history of outspoken and take-action citizens. I love and admire the courage it takes to sit behind the desk at Cotati City Council meetings. Moving to Cotati has expanded my appreciation for the working, volunteering and thoughtful people who live here. Did you ever get a thank you note from a city leader? My jaw dropped when I received one from Councilman Mark Landman. One kindness brings on another, that’s love. 

Sonoma State University and Cotati eagerly await the arrival of the first train. Now that’s thinking ahead!

Congratulations to Songbird Community on their 5th Anniversary    

This January, Songbird Community shared their generosity and devotion to community in a party acknowledging their 5th year. Carol Hince, one of the teachers at Songbird, leads Gentle Therapeutic Yoga every Friday morning from 9:00 to 10:30 AM. I can personally recommend her as a knowledgeable and skillful teacher. A class I still want to try meets Tuesday mornings at 9:30 AM, Feldenkrais for Back Pain with Susan Hammond. Please visit their online calendar for fun and educational workshops.

Writers Forum: How to Protect Your Work and Your Wallet – February 19, 2015  

Redwood Writer and lawyer, Helen Sedwick, uses thirty years of experience to cut through the legalese and to show writers how to set up their business, spot scams, understand contracts, stay our of court, save on taxes and keep writing. I plan to attend this event, held at the Petaluma Community Center. Writers Forum created and run by another Redwood Writer, the lovely Marlene Cullen, continues to prove plenty of food for thought, month after month.

Gather the Women Celebrates International Women’s Day – March 7, 2015  

My dear friends, Jan and Marystella, organize and lead this annual International nurturing event. Last year, I attended along with many Redwood Writers Club women. Felt lovely and refreshed after. This year it will again be at the Rohnert Park Senior Center.

Email me your news, milestones and event updates before the 7th of each month.