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Bodega Bay Beat - February 2015


Bodega Bay Beat - February 2015

by Joan Poulos

The year, 2014, passed quietly in Bodega Bay. There were the usual Christmas visits from Santa and the Bodega Bay School children crowded the Grange Hall to enjoy his company and that of each other. Children and parents, and many other unaffiliated well-wishers chatted in English and Spanish, singing, laughing and bidding each other happy holidays. The final song, Give Peace a Chance, was a great way to usher  out a year where Peace needs all the help it can get.

January, as usual, was Cioppiono month in Bodega Bay. The Grange, with the help of the entire community, has been presenting their much appreciated event for more than fifty years and this year was no exception.  Crab was more scarce this year, and it cost the Grangers more to put it on, but they succeeded. Great kudos to those who work for months putting it together; people like David Lewis, Rod and Ida Moore, Donzil and Chuck Gentry, and of course our new President, Jim Moore. They work very hard.  This year we served 750 people; a huge time and effort commitment to raise funds to keep the hall open, and to fund our scholarship program. Good work, folks.

As a side evidence of the support the entire community shows in this event is the gracious loan of their “Upper Room” which the Bodega Coast Inn makes to Fisherman’s Chapel. The church normally meets in the Grange Hall, but when all the tables are set for the cioppino feed, there is no way for the church to meet in the Grange Hall.  Kevin, at Bodega Coast Inn graciously allows the church to meet in his conference room, which the church now calls his Upper Room. Thanks, to the church being willing to be flexible, and to Bodega Coast Inn for providing a place (more evidence of the Bodega Bay community pulling together to do good things).

January is not most people’s favorite month, but it starts the year and leads to lists of good intentions, some of which will happen. The yoga classes remain well attended, and the new path has lots of walkers and happy dogs.  Most of us have the best of intentions, but it takes some real determination to get up and walk or run when it is still a bit dark. (Now if it would really rain.)

Some of our citizens have had some health problems, especially with hips. Tom Tucker and Mary Ann Foot get our best wishes and prayers for recovery (her recent hip fracture and Tom’s surgery). Fisherman’s Chapel co-minister, Mike Volker, also suffers from hip problems. Our other co-minister Kathy Cramer is trying to help her aged mother in the LA area who is rapidly declining. Our best wishes and and prayers are with you all.

January is always a month of beginnings, and of endings.  After practicing law for more than 50 years, I have had the unfortunate experience of being a witness in an unpleasant case in Yolo County. Now I know firsthand how my many clients felt (AWFUL). It has been a reaffirmation of my intense pleasure to be retired and back in Bodega Bay. Davis is nice; but as a place to visit – especially grandkids. The good news: absences in January affect my newsgathering, but simply reinforce my love for my family, (including my dog, Pita), my friends and neighbors and how great it feels to look out and see the birds and boats, even if many are at anchor.

January is a month kind of between seasons in Bodega Bay. The crab season has wound down, and salmon season hasn’t yet started (not until April). Unless you are a slime eel fisherman, it is a good time to mend nets, fix boats, and finish reading those novels you got for Christmas. The eel fishery is often overlooked, but locals send several tons to Korea throughout the slow time for crab/salmon.

Some of our longtime residents are leaving, like Jan Alexander, gone to Kansas, and Ruth Steffanou who has moved to Nevada. Fisherman’s Chapel will certainly miss Ruthie and Theo and we wish them the very best in these last years of long and fruitful lives.

Terrorists still threaten; the market is unpredictable. It is too soon to start picking candidates for 2016.

It’s a true time to think things over.

Christmas and  Epiphany are over. Valentine’s Day is upon us. What a good month to take time to tell those around us how much we love and appreciate them. We don’t need fancy cards, and most of us certainly don’t need more candy (although there is the usual distinction between “want” and “need”).

Look around; watch the resident blue heron; take a walk, and ENJOY this lovely place we call home.