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Rio Nido Magic - February 2015


Rio Nido Magic - February 2015

by Elena Chronis

Love where you live:

Of all the places I have resided, I have to say Rio Nido has been my favorite. Its important to love where you live. What stands out about this little village is the beauty of it all. The redwood forest is amazing and not to forget the colorful people. Winters are quite cold and damp here, but its something I can overlook. Definitely not for wimps. It is simply about the uniqueness of this magical place steeped in rich history and memories for many of us. The close proximity to the mesmerizing blue ocean and all the other eclectic little towns makes it interesting and fun to explore all that West Sonoma County has to offer. The sense of community here is stronger than ever. The camaraderie amongst the people that live here is what is special about this area. I feel fortunate to have met many wonderful people in the surrounding area as well as many, many neighbors here who have become a daily part of my life and enriched my circle of friends with thoughtful, caring and loving individuals. I feel blessed and fortunate to have found my little slice of heaven. Rio Nido or Bust!

Valentine’s Day:

Its that time of year....Valentine’s Day is approaching. Valentine’s Day lands on a Saturday this year.....makes me happy that’s for sure. If heading out to one of the many fine dining establishments in the area, make sure to get those reservations in early. Speaking of reservations: The Rio Nido Roadhouse will be celebrating Valentine’s Day all weekend long on the 13th and 14th. Dinner on Friday, the 13th is a prix fix Couple’s surf and turf dinner with a solo pianist serenading the guests for $55.00 dollars per couple. The 14th is also a special Valentine’s dinner offering a steak special. Music by Levi Lloyd. Whatever evening you decide to celebrate, you are bound to have a romantic time and a delicious meal. HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!

On Sunday, the 15th, the RNR will be celebrating Mardi Gras with DGIIN performing. If you like gumbo, mardi gras beads and music, come on down and have a rip roaring time.

REMINDER: Don’t forget, parking is now in the back of the restaurant and on Willow Ave. For more info go to: or call 707-869-0821.

January 12th: Sad Day in Rio Nido:

There was an accident in RN last month that killed one person and injured several others.

The Friends of Rio Nido have written up a petition to reduce the speed limit on River Road. The petition is currently at the Rio Nido Roadhouse awaiting your signatures. Please read it and sign it to keep our residents safe.

You can also go online to: to petition the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors to act and do what is necessary to reduce the westbound speed limit from 55mph to 40mph 1/2 mile before the Rio Nido Canyon Two intersection so traffic has a reasonable speed before reaching the 25 mph speed limit zone.

County of Sonoma:

The County came out on Tuesday, January 20th to clean up our streets. They were out here smoothing out our roadways from gravel and mud from the rains we had earlier last month. A little birdie told me that they will be paving our streets soon or at the very least filling in the pot holes. I sure hope so as we really need it. If they are only going to be filling in the pot holes they need to use a scoop shovel  and pack in the asphalt with a tamper so that the holes stay filled, otherwise after a few days the holes resurface and we are back to square one. Taking a walk the other day I nearly ended up in China after falling through one of the many very deep potholes here in our enclave--true story.

Save the Air in Rio Nido:

Driving through our little Village the other day, I couldn’t believe how smoky the air was.

When burning firewood to keep warm this winter please be vigilant about keeping our air clean and staying safe. A properly operated wood burning stove should not produce a lot of smoke.

Make certain that the fire has enough air- open the air controls until the fire is going well. Be sure to burn the fire to heat your chimney before you add more wood. Make sure the wood is good and dry. Do not burn garbage or toxic substances. And, be sure to have your chimney or stove serviced yearly. 

Elena Chronis - Rio Nido Magic - Pet of the Month February 2015: Katie

Rio Nido Pet of the Month:

For 18 years Katie has been an amazing loving friend. Katie isn’t an extraordinary cat in the sense that she does kooky things like pooping on the toilet or riding on a Roomba, but she is probably the sweetest cat we ever met. She loves human affection, cuddling and is thrilled to have her tummy rubbed or behind her ears. Her last trip to the vet happily left the Veterinarian in awe of how healthy she is at her age. Keep it up Katie, we love you.