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KBBF Bilingual Radio - February 2015


KBBF Bilingual Radio - February 2015

by Edgar Avila

Que Pasa? – What’s New? 

The return of KBBF programmers from the early days of its founding continutes! Dr. Enrique Gonzalez last did a health service program 18 years ago. He returned for a new series of information programs on January 23. His combination of health information and answering questions from the community is aired every Friday beginning at 9:30am.

KBBF has begun training new volunteers who want to learn the variety of ways the stations needs support. Classes include the history and organizational structure of KBBF, programming basics such as FCC regulations, technical operations (uses of recorders, mixers, microphones) and daily operations. The station needs help from people with office skills, event orgainzers, grant writers, and others. 

Even though the classes have begun it’s not too late to join the team for the meaningful and fun experience that is KBBF. If you have a talent to share or are interested in developing one call the station (707) 545-8833.

Que Dice la Gente - What’s the Buzz? 

Women’s Spaces featured Jenny Chamberlain, District Director for 4th District Supervisor James Gore, and Linda Heiser, President of the Santa Rosa Chapter of the American Association of University Women who discussed a new forum on immigration they’ve sponsored, plus scholarships and programs in the area. Santa Rosa City Councilwoman Julie Combs also talked to host Elaine B. Holtz aboout working with the new Council. Shekeyna Black, local business owner, talked about women in the entertainment industry. 

Kaiya Kramer and Mandi Hawert’s The Queer Life fielded the concept of ARFing – having an A(sexual) R(omantic) F(riendship) – with renowned ARFologist Tamika.  

She also hosted attorney Michael A. Fiumara who has devoted 20 years to serving the under-represented in Sonoma and Marin Counties. Mr. Fiumara, who identifies as an openly gay man, pointed out that despite stereotypes about the queer community, its possible to present honestly and openly while simultaneously pursuing your dreams in any career field. 

The Queer Life is now being rebroadcast at 9pm on Tuesday evenings. The original live broadcast continues at 6pm on Fridays.  

Edgar Avila and The Broken Record Radio Show celebrated its first year anniversary on KBBF in January! Discussions on January’s shows included#Blacklivesmatter, Martin Luther King and the Memphis sanitation workers strike, and crazy religious fundamentalists – Christian and Muslim - who kill everyone who disagrees with them. 

The show has expanded its time slots on the station. will air live on Monday at 9pm and and rebroadcast Tuesday afternoons at 3pm. Both The Queer Life and The Broken Record Radio Show take studio calls during their first broadcasts. To join the lively discussions (or request a favorite piece of music) call the studio number at (707) 545-0318.

In the world of nationally syndicated commentary aired on KBBF, Thom Hartmann explored the questions of “How expensive is it to be poor?” and  “What would MLK, Jr. think of America today?” with Dr. Clarence Lusane, author of  The Black History of the White House. Also in January, two of the most widely heard commentators heard on KBBF- Thom Hartmann & Mike Papantonio (host of Ring of Fire - teamed up for an interview on the Thom Hartmann Show to talk about issues of the day.

Thom Hartmann airs 2pm Monday to Thursday; Ring of Fire takes to KBBF’s air waves every Friday at 11am.

Calendario – Calendar 

Feb. 21 at 6pm is the time for the monthly rent party / fiesta. The theme for February will be Love and Friendship of course. Fresh tamales, cold beverages, great dance music and good company is to be had by all. The family oriented evening is free for kids under 12 years and $10 for adults or $15 for couples.

KBBF-FM’s studio and business office are located at the Labor Center, 1700 Corby Ave., Santa Rosa. Feel free to visit or call the office at (707) 545-8833 during business hours. The studio number is (707) 545-0318. Our Mission is to create a strong multilingual voice that empowers and engages the community to achieve social justice through education, celebration of culture and local and international news coverage.