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Sonoma County Day Labor Consortium Established


Sonoma County Day Labor Consortium Established

In October, 2014, the Graton Day Labor Center hosted the first convening of the Sonoma County Day Labor Consortium (DLC), bringing together all four organizations working on day labor issues in Sonoma County. California Human Development (CHD), which operates both the Fulton and Healdsburg day labor sites, Petaluma Peoples Services Center (PPSC), which is supporting the Petaluma Day Labor Initiative (PDLI) and La Luz in Sonoma Valley, join Centro Laboral de Graton (CLG) to establish the DLC, share best practices across organizations, and work together to develop leaders among the day laborer and domestic worker communities to elevate the “day labor voice” in Sonoma County.

In January, and in response to a call for proposals from the Sonoma County Supervisors and Community Development Commission, all four organizations came together to submit one collaborative grant proposal, which, if funded, will support the group’s effort to establish the DLC and to provide services for day laborers and domestic workers through out the County.

California Human Development (CHD) will serve as the Fiscal Agent, while Centro Laboral de Graton / the Graton Day Labor Center (CLG) will continue in its role as Lead Organizer to establish the Sonoma County DLC. It is intended that the DLC will bring together communities and day labor organizations working to address the unmet needs of day laborers and domestic workers in Sonoma County. This effort will seek to align day labor services across communities and organizations and provide a vehicle for communities and organizations to learn from one another.

The DLC will provide a solid platform for Sonoma County day labor service providers to network, share best practices, and offer support to organizations at different stages of development in day labor programming.

Designated staff and worker representatives from each of the four founding DLC organizations will meet monthly to share resources and best practices, and are committed to sharing information via an on-line forum. Training for staff and worker leaders will be open to members of all DLC organizations, and worker members of each organization will participate in all aspects of the Consortium.

In the coming months, the Sonoma County Day Labor Consortium (DLC) will be formally established. DLC goals, agreements, rules, processes and protocols will be defined through a facilitated and collaborative process between the four organizations working to address the needs of day laborers in Sonoma County.

Worker leaders from CLG, CHD, and Petaluma will actively engage in a new cross-training effort focused on building worker skills while promoting worker leadership in the development of DLC mission, vision, values and goals. Worker leaders will receive training as well as transportation compensation and a stipend for their training time and service. As part of their training process, it is expected that at least 12 workers from these three organizations will effectively cross-train up to 100 day laborers in five different geographic regions (Graton, Healdsburg, Fulton, Petaluma, Sonoma) over the next five months.

As an example of the DLC’s collaborative approach, Petaluma intends to hire its first organizer in the next two months, and staff and workers from Centro Laboral de Graton are committed to training them at CLG, as they observe and learn from the existing programs and practices in Graton.

It is the hope of the four founding DLC organizations, that in the next six months 1) the DLC will be formally established, 2) a hiring process in Petaluma will be underway, 3) workers from existing day labor sites will be trained to do outreach with unorganized day laborers and to provide peer-to-peer training on day laborer street corners, and 4) a county-wide day labor assembly will be planned to bring together workers from across the County to set the agenda for the future work of the Consortium.

In the coming months, the DLC will establish itself as a resource for both day labor organizations, as well as service providers, local policy makers, and community stakeholders interested in promoting the dignity of and respect for day laborers and domestic workers, recognizing the important contributions they make to our local economy and community.

If you are interested in supporting the work of the Sonoma County Day Labor Consortium, please reach out to your local day labor center or service provider: For West Sonoma County, contact DLC Lead Organizer Maureen Purtill with Centro Laboral de Graton (CLG) at 707-829-1864, via email at, or visit us on the web at For North Sonoma County contact Martha Nuñez with California Human Development (CHD) via email at or by calling 707-433-6652. For Petaluma, contact Elece Hempel with Petaluma People’s Services Center (PPSC) at 707-765-8488. For Sonoma Valley, contact Malinalli Lopez with La Luz at 707-938-5131 or on the web at