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Wal-Mart gets APPROVED to build Rohnert Park Super-Center


Wal-Mart gets APPROVED to build
Rohnert Park Super-Center

By Vesta Copestakes

The Rohnert Park City Council voted to approve Wal-Mart's plan to build a Supercenter on the opposite side of the freeway from its Neighborhood Grocery in Mountain Shadows Shopping Center. The vote was split 4 - 1 with Jake Mackenzie being the only NO, just as he was in the previous vote.

Arguments for and against remain the same.

NO considers the store excessive, not good for competitors in the community, a poor employer in terms of low wages and benefits for its employees, a high carbon footprint in terms of products and how far people will travel to shop there. 

YES support came from employees and people in the community who feel the store will be a benefit by providing low cost products and jobs.

What it all boils down to is that Rohnert Park embraces businesses both large and small, locally-owned and corporate chains. It's a community for commerce along the 101 corridor built for convenience and easy access to products and services. Yes, the Supercenter will be competitive with current businesses, but it's not the City Council's job to balance one competitor against another.

Sonoma County continues to grow and Rohnert Park continues to build new housing developments and shopping opportunities which is consistent with its General Plan. As Councilman Joe Callinan said, “if you don’t like the store don’t shop there.”