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Santa Rosa Junior College - Prospective Students - Don't Wait


Santa Rosa Junior College
Prospective Students - Don't Wait

Following President Barack Obama’s announcement of a plan to make community college free for all those willing to work for it, Dr. Frank Chong, Superintendent and President of Santa Rosa Junior College, has some advice for students and their parents: “Don’t wait.”

My message to prospective students and their parents is ‘don’t wait for this proposal to pass someday. Santa Rosa Junior College has help now for anyone who wants to attend college.’ 

Having worked in the U.S. Department of Education on community college issues, I’m very excited about President Obama’s proposal. And I’m proud to say that we’re already doing something very close to this at SRJC. We have the Doyle scholarships and the Board of Governors fee waivers. We have a partnership with the organization 10,000 Degrees. SRJC is the number one community college in California for scholarships awarded to students, over $1.5 million. Affordability should not limit any one in Sonoma County or the North Bay from getting the education they need. So don’t wait!

Information about a wide variety of scholarships at Santa Rosa Junior College is available at Information about financial aid is available at