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Forestville - The Good Life - January 2015


Forestville - The Good Life - January 2015

by Richard Naegle

Downtown Art Banners  

30x60’’ banners have been installed along Hwy 116 through the downtown.  They display artwork by nine local artists celebrating the beauty of Forestville, along with vintage photographs of the Town and longtime local residents. The project is sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce and the Forestville Community Fund, with partial funding from our local rock quarries, BoDean and Canyon Rock, as part of the downtown beautification project. The original artwork from local artists is currently on display at Tiny Town Café; it is up for silent auction with bids starting at $100 each. Proceeds from the sales will fund the next rotation of downtown banners. 

The contributing artists are Chris Hataway, Lorraine Chapman, Becky Wells, Gerald Huth, Randolph Johnson, Nancy Dempster, Susan Cornelis, Tony Speirs and Erik Paul. Erik Paul and Bonnie Hill of Lodestone Graphics created the banners.

Holiday Lights Downtown? 

Many people have been asking what happened to the traditional holiday lights downtown. The Forestville Firefighters Association usually puts them up on the light poles. But this year, they were installing the hardware for and putting up the new art banners—and also testing to see how the Holiday lights and Art Banners might fit together for next year. Stay tuned to December 2015! Once again, thanks to the Firefighters Association.

Cell Tower Update  

The County has received several comment letters against the cell tower and some letters in favor of it. The Use Permit will go to a public hearing before the Board of Zoning Adjustments (BZA) with public hearing notices mailed to residents and posted in the area. A hearing date has not yet been determined. An email alert will be sent out by the Forestville Planning Association to announce the date once it has been set (go to for updates and to get on the email list). The BZA is the decision making body on the Use Permit and will review all the letters received on the project.

Conservation Contest  

Correction:  the wonderful poem. “Russian River,” printed in last month’s column, was written by Elizabeth Lovera, the third prizewinner. All praise!

Air Quality  

Keep our Air Clean! Last winter in particular was terrible in our area. The Monte Rio and Russian River Alliances have been working with our Air Quality District to ensure that this winter won’t be a repeat of last year.  In the winter many of us use wood burning stoves for heat. To be in compliance, after start-up there should be no visible smoke emanating from your chimney. How do you get a hot clean fire that actually produces more heat for the money and less smoke? You need to buy dry seasoned wood, keep the wood dry, and have sufficient oxygen getting into the stove especially at start- up, so the fire is hot, versus smoldering. Our Air Quality board has been responsive to calls made. If you are experiencing poor air quality either from open burns or improperly operated wood stoves, call Air Quality at 707-433-5911, or email

El Molino  

El Mo will be hosting a Chamber of Commerce Mixer on January 14th from 5-7 pm in the school library. You are invited to attend and experience some of the students’ many talents as well as the school’s dynamic programmatic offerings. Appetizers and refreshments will be prepared by culinary arts students; and there will be performances by the Dance and Music programs.  

Big improvements to the campus are underway: a $3.8 million upgrade for the stadium and a new $7 million performing arts center. The stadium will feature a new field and permanent seating for Lion fans. Key upgrades to the stadium will include 650-seat bleachers on the home side with an accessible ramp, terraced lawn seating in front of the home bleachers, and a new press box. The performing arts center will get student thespians, musicians, and dancers out of the cafeteria and into a real theater.  It is in the active planning stage, with a committee of school leaders and theater design professionals meeting right now to decide on the site and design. Construction is expected in 2016.

Celebrating over 50 years of baseball at El Molino, the annual Crab Feed will be offering all you can eat crab to raise money to pay for tournaments, gear and other expenses for the baseball program. The event will take place January 24th at the Forestville Odd Fellows Lodge.  For More info and to buy tickets call Liz Kaasch at 889- 7716.

El Molino Theater Arts will present The Wiz Thursday, Friday and Saturday January 22 – 31, in the Café Theater. This fun, upbeat version of “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz” won the Tony Award for Best Musical of 1975.

Forestville School and Academy  

December saw a tremendous outpouring of generosity from the community for the schools’ Giving Tree children and families. Diane Hughes gave her usual 100+ percent to organize this openhearted gift giving for 66 students and their families.  …Noelle Huberty, 1st grade teacher and drama coach, and some of the middle school students had an outstanding run of the hilarious play, “Trouble in Tumbleweed.” The spring musical in April 2015 will be Chitty Chitty Bang Bang - sure to be magical and adventurous.  Open to public.

Hollydale Club  

The Hollydale Community Clubhouse is open for table tennis on the 1st & 3rd Thursday’s of the month. 7-10. Thanks to a Forestville Community Fund Grant, the Clubhouse was able to purchase a 4th indoor table. New poly (non-celluloid) balls, great doubles….get out of the rain! Anyone interested in setting up or helping with a Saturday (or Sunday) Table Tennis game day sometime after the first of the year? Conact John Condon,

Happy New Year to all!