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Rio Nido Magic - January 2015


Rio Nido Magic - January 2015

by Elena Chronis

Rainy Days in Rio Nido:

The rainy days we had in December were nothing short of AMAZING! It was a crazy two weeks of pounding rain that we haven't experienced in quite some time. Power lines came down, branches fell from the redwoods onto resident's vehicles, decks and yards. A big thanks goes out to PG&E for keeping our power on and to our Fire Department for coming out immediately to deal with a downed power line with PG&E right behind them. The quick and efficient response from both responders was appreciated. Canyon 7 was a bit flooded and water was coming down Canyon 6 and Sequoia like crazy. Its been a relief to have a few dry days to dry out and get things in order for the next torrential rain fall that is well on its way. So, batten down those hatches, cause its not over yet.

Christmas Is Over:

Whew, glad the Xmas madness is behind us. I feel fantastic as I did not encourage the insanity that many people put themselves through each and every holiday season contemplating what to purchase for so and so, how much to spend and which overcrowded mall to wade through. Not a single toe of mine hit the malls. It was a relief and I feel really good about it. As I have said in the past....the holiday season has lost much of its appeal to me. Its all about mass consumerism and needless gifts. Giving food, warm clothes and shoes to the needy is where the holiday spirit should be. And, if you are religious attending mass is cool. The throngs of people getting up at 1am waiting for hours at a big box store to purchase some silly gadget in my opinion is completely absurd. Seriously, its laughable. Sure, I adore decorating and spending time with the people that I care about most over a nice meal, interesting conversation and cheers, however the needless gift giving in my opinion is unnecessary. If you have small children go for it, but as for the rest--Bah Humbug!

New Years Resolutions:

It is that time of year to figure out what you would like to see in the coming year and make some promises to yourself as to how you would like to improve.

I find keeping those expectations realistic is the only way to go. If you set the bar too high, which most of us do every year, you are setting yourself up to fail and then you just forget about that goal you originally set for yourself. Take baby steps and write down what you would like to see change and take one day at a time. You will be sure to hit that goal whatever it may be. Good Luck, I'm rooting for you!

Friends of Rio Nido:

Did everyone see the FRN float in the Holiday parade? I sure hope you did....a big shout-out goes to all those involved including Kim, Ingrid and Nate for putting such a great float together. The banana slug made out of balloons was remarkable and such a perfect touch. Way to go Rio Nido.

On another positive note, the Sign Committee meeting held this month was productive. We are getting very close. The RNHOA and FRN will be holding a fundraiser this Spring to raise the last of the funds we need to get the sign up...more exciting news to come in the next month or two, so stay tuned. You can also go to: for up to date information and all that jazz.

Rio Nido Roadhouse:

A huge thanks goes out to Brad Metzger of the RNR for sponsoring several fundraisers and many entertaining events for our Community this past year. For those of us who reside in Rio Nido, the RNR is the heart of our little enclave. A quick note: Due to circumstances beyond RNR's control the front parking lot is no longer open for parking. The back parking lot behind the Roadhouse is now open for parking. There is also overflow parking next to the RNR on Willow Ave. More news to come, see you there!..For more information on upcoming events, etc. go to:

The "CUBANO" Holiday Beverage:

Ingredients:4 parts light rum (2 oz), 2 parts fresh lime juice (1 oz), Bar sugar (1/2 tsp.)

Combine all ingredients with cracked ice in a cocktail shaker. Shake well and strain into chilled cocktail glass. Enjoy!

Elena Chronis and Marco Weller - Rio Nido Magic - Pet of the Month January 2015: RockyPet of the Month:

There is a new "Bird" in town. His name is Rocky. He is an exotic yellow nape Amazon. Rocky has recently relocated from Marin county and is enjoying his new digs in Rio Nido. He is a very intelligent bird, inquisitive and extremely vocal. You must never swear in front of him as he will repeat anything you say. He loves to laugh very loud and sing. Talking is definitely his thing. His vocabulary is large and varied. He is a bit temperamental and when the mood strikes he can bite something fierce. So, stay on his good side otherwise you may lose a finger. Welcome Rocky!